Sold to the highest bidder?

I recently heard that some women have tried to sell their breastmilk on Ebay. (Breastmilk auction) It seems outrageous to me that something as precious as breastmilk could be sold to the highest bidder. Ebay doesn’t allow the sale of human body parts (including blood or sperm), and I don’t believe they are allowing the sale of breastmilk either (thankfully), which is why the above auction appears to have been shut down.

According to Ebay, prohibited and restricted items include:
“Humans, the human body, or any human body parts may not be listed on eBay. Examples of prohibited items include, but are not limited to: organs, bone, blood, waste, sperm, and eggs.”

Knowing that there are licensed Mothers’ Milk Banks located throughout the country that will accept donations of breastmilk (after the mother has completed a thorough screening), makes me wonder why someone wouldn’t just choose to donate their milk rather than sell it. Are they struggling for cash that badly that they have to sell their own milk?

It’s unfortunate that money seems to be such a driving force behind so many people’s motivations. Why not give just for the sake of giving? I believe that people are rewarded for good acts – good karma if you will. So rather than try to make a quick buck here or there (as much as we need it), I’d rather do something to help someone else. I like the feeling I get knowing I’m helping them and I would hope that someone would do the same for me. :)

Quote of the day:
“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” — Wayne Dyer

Mothers Acting Up

I found a new group that sounds right up my alley! “Mothers Acting Up” is a group of 2200+ people (around the world) who “publicly & passionately advocate for the world’s children.”

I don’t know a whole lot about the group yet – other than what I’ve gathered from their web site – but they have a local group that meets in my area so I hope to go check it out next month.

One of their big things is hosting Mother’s Day parades around the country to raise awareness and lobby for children’s rights. Taken from the MAU website: “The 2005 MAU Mother’s Day events, ‘Connecting the Dots’ will be mass celebrations of the desire and ability of mothers to protect & nurture the world’s children. These celebrations can include wild costumes (yours especially), free cake, mothers on stilts, speeches & music, but ALWAYS offer an exuberant invitation to advocate for children.” Moms on stilts?! That has to be a good time! ;)

Anyway, I’m excited to learn more about the group and what they do. I’d love to find a constructive use for all of the excitement and passion I’ve developed lately. And I hope to participate in the local parade on Mother’s Day. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my first real Mother’s Day than with my baby and my husband by my side, advocating for children everywhere. :)


Totally off-topic, but I just came across his great web site for finding quotes (, so here’s my quote of the day:
“Don’t let the bastards grind you down.”
— Joseph Stillwell

Let’s talk about trash

A recent discussion with some friends about what we all can do to make the world a better place (i.e. in the spirit of paying it forward) got me thinking about trash. Trash, you say? Yes, trash.

I was thinking about how my mom is an inspiration to me in that whenever she is out for a walk, on a hike or anywhere, she is always disposing of other people’s trash.

When I first saw her doing it I thought it was kind of gross. I mean, who wants to touch other people’s pop cans, fast food wrappers, used tissues, etc.? I guess the answer to that is not even the people who consumed/used them. But seriously, I think it’s admirable and endearing that she will pick up after the lazy and the careless. Somebody’s got to do it, right?

So I’ve started picking up trash lately on my walks, hikes or in parking lots. It’s amazing to me how much trash is really out there and usually in such close proximity to a trash can. Why can’t people take an extra 20 steps or carry it with them ’til they get home, rather than leave their Taco Bell bag and wrappers in the middle of a parking lot? (Yes, that’s what I picked up in the parking lot of the Co-op today, along with a Capri Sun pouch. Now that’s taking me back to middle school.)

I admit that I’m a little squeamish about snatching up trash if I’ve got Ava with me – germs and all. :oP So I’m thinking about putting a pair of rubber gloves in the car and carrying a plastic bag on our walks. That way I can avoid the ookies, but still clean up my neighborhood. :)


I’ve always taken pride in the fact that I’m left-handed, perhaps due to the fact that lefties are in the minority among Americans (only 10%). But recently I’ve been thinking about all the bumps, cuts and scratches I’ve gotten because of my southpaw ways and now I’m not so sure I’m happy to be “in my right mind.” ;)

Just today as I was doing laundry, I was moving diapers from the washing machine to the dryer. As I reached into the washer (with my right hand), I jammed it into the metal lip and cut my knuckle. It got me thinking, why do I have my washer and dryer set up for a right-handed person? I’m the one who does the majority of the laundry around here, so logic would dictate that I should have the washer on the right and the dryer on the left so that I can use my left hand to move the clothes, diapers, etc. from the right to the left. I don’t know if it’s feasible to switch them (because of the water hook-ups, etc.), but I’m going to check into it because this isn’t the first time I’ve smashed my hand on that washer.

This thought prompted me to do some research on lefties (thus discovering that 90% of Americans are right-handed). I read that left-handed people are more accident-prone (and have more accidental deaths) and that makes complete sense to me. I guess it’s something about the way our brains work, but also that so many things we use are just made for the majority – right-handers.

One article I read mentioned the large number of accidents that lefties incur by using power tools. Thank God I’m not into power tools because with my track record, I am sure that would end with a trip to the ER. I think I prefer to stick with my knicks and cuts from the washer thank you very much.

By the way, I came across this site Left-handed .com which has a decent selection of left-handed products. I might have to check into buying some left-handed knives. We have a really nice set of knives that we received as a wedding shower gift, but wouldn’t ya know it, they say not to be used by left-handed people. Thankfully I’ve managed to avoid chopping off a finger thus far. ;) (Knocking wood with my busted up right hand.)