Since Ava was born I’ve been starting to make and use some natural cleaning products for our home. I’d never really thought much about it before Ava, but it just doesn’t seem safe to me to have a bunch of chemical-laden products in the house anymore. I don’t want to worry about her accidently getting into something, not to mention that I don’t want her ingesting the cleaners’ residue or breathing the fumes either. God knows she’ll be exposed to enough polutants in this world without me using them all over our home. My first natural cleaning creation was an all-purpose scrub made from bakingRead More →

We got back from our trip on Monday, a day later than planned, due to a snow storm in Denver on Sunday. But that was ok by me. It allowed us to spend an extra day with my friend Jennifer. :) The trip went really, really well. All the babies traveled well and were quite adaptable despite the change to their daily routines. Ava was great on the plane – both ways – and nursed to sleep for most of the flights. When she wasn’t sleeping, she enjoyed flirting with other passengers or looking out the window. ;) The only real bummer of the tripRead More →