HBO targets baby audience? Puh-lease!

Children’s Coalition to Parents: HBO’s Classical Baby is a Classic Hoax

WASHINGTON — May 10 — The Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) is warning parents to keep their infants and toddlers away from the upcoming HBO television special Classical Baby which will air on Saturday, May 14. According to HBO, the program is beneficial for infants and young children.

Psychiatrist Alvin F. Poussaint of the Judge Baker Children’s Center challenged HBO’s claims about the show’s benefits for babies: “There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates watching television is beneficial to infants. In fact, because of possible risks, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of two shouldn’t watch any television at all.”

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First Baby Einstein, now this HBO special. Oy! Why is it that the AAP says no tv for kids under 2 and yet there are more and more tv shows and dvds coming out that are supposed to be “good” for children’s development?

Because of all the advertising and hype, some parents may feel guilty if they can’t afford dvds (or HBO) to “stimulate” their children’s brains, when all they really need to do is interact and play with them (and that doesn’t cost a cent!).

I especially like this quote at the end of that article:

CCFC’s Susan Linn, psychologist and author of Consuming Kids, countered, “Babies do not need HBO or any television to bond with their parents or enjoy music. Turn the TV off, put on your favorite music, and spend some time rocking, singing, or dancing around the room with your baby. Now that’s bonding.”

If you disagree with HBO’s targeting our children, please consider
taking one or all of the following actions:
(The following actions were taken from the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood.)

–Go to HBO’s website and let them know your concerns about Classical Baby. You might write something like this:
“Why is HBO showing Classical Baby when the American Academy of
Pediatrics recommends that children under two not watch any
television? There is no evidence indicating that television is
beneficial to infants. Stop exploiting parents’ desire to be good
parents and stop putting our most vulnerable children at risk. It’s
time to put Classical Baby to bed.”

–You can also voice your concerns by calling HBO at (212) 512-1208.
Tell them that you are concerned that Classical Baby is being
marketed as beneficial to babies when the American Academy of
Pediatrics recommends no television for children under two. Ask
them if they have any research that supports their claims about the
show’s benefits for infants. They may tell you to do an Internet
search; you can let them know we’ve already done that search – and
there’s no evidence that television is beneficial for babies.