Right and Wrong?

Something I read recently in a book called “Mothering Your Nursing Toddler” really struck me. The jist of it is that even though many people chose to parent differently from you, there doesn’t have to be a “right” and “wrong” way.

The quote comes from a section about “Coping with Pressure from Outsiders” and goes like this:

“Other people nearer your own age may need to put down your decisions as defense for their own parenting choices on the assumption that one of you has to be wrong. (How much better it would be if we could, every one of us, think through what seems right and feels right for our own families and then be neither threatened nor threatening when the neighbors do not make the identical decisions!)”

It made me think about some of the discussions going on here lately and how I and others might come across. While it’s true that I write about things that I believe in here, I would never say that my way is the “right” way or only way. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very strongly about many things, but I’m not going to tell anyone they are wrong because they don’t do things the way I do.

I hope that those who do not parent the same way I do, do not feel like I’m saying my way is the only way. It is not my intention to threaten anyone. I also hope we can continue to have intelligent, thought-provoking and respectful discussions here.

Thank you.