My husband, the philanthropist

Despite the fact that I have a sign on our screen door that says “No Solicitors,” some brave (or illiterate) soul came a-knocking tonight and managed to get my husband to commit to donating $10 a month to a “worthy” cause. (It would’ve been $25 a month, but I told him absolutely not. I actually said something along the lines of “You can give him $25 total, but not $25 a month.” You can see where that got me.)

I don’t have a problem with supporting worthy causes, in fact, I’d be all for it – IF and ONLY IF we had the money to spare. We are hard-pressed enough living on one income, owning only one car and trying to pay off debt. There are so many causes I’d love to support, but I tell myself that someday (when I’m better off), I will do so. Right now, however, we need to take care of our family.

So what is this worthy cause you ask? It’s a good one, I admit it. The group is called “Environment Colorado.” They’re currently lobbying against the oil companies who want to do clear-cutting of trees so they can drill for oil. Definitely a worthy cause. I certainly don’t want to see our forests depleted. But can our family afford to save the trees? I don’t know.

Maybe I’m over-reacting. It is, as my husband says, “ONLY $10 a month.” Perhaps that isn’t more than we can afford. Maybe I can just have him cut back on his lunches out a couple times a month to pay for it. (He rarely eats his lunch out, but on the days we don’t have leftovers ready to take, it does occasionally happen.) ;) Yes, I think that should cover it nicely.

Fastest shower in the West

Long gone are the days where I could put Ava in her bouncy seat to play happily in the bathroom with me while I took a leisurely shower.

These days I am lucky if I get 30 seconds alone before she tears open the curtain in hot pursuit of me.

See, I put her in our bedroom on the floor, complete with some toys to entertain her (thinking this will buy me some time – ha!), and I make a mad dash to the bathroom (which is connected), stripping off my clothes as I go. I throw the water on and jump in (it doesn’t even have a chance to warm up, but I think that helps me move all the faster). I generally have just enough time to wet my hair before I see the curtain rustling and then her little face peering in at me.

And so my showers (at least during weekdays) are very short and to the point. No time to relax and let the water massage my back. No time to shave my legs (hey, it goes with my whole hippie image anyway, LOL, j/k). I’m lucky to get my hair shampooed, my body soaped up and my pits shaved.

Thank God for the person who invented leave-in conditioner. One less thing I need to do while in the shower. ;)