Mama, the whoopee cushion

Ava has recently discovered that mama’s boobs are not only a great source of nutrition, a great comfort, and great pillows, they also make great WHOOPEE CUSHIONS!

We were going to bed several weeks ago, and instead of just lying next to me nursing happily as she drifted off to sleep like usual, she decided to do some acrobatic nursing. In the midst of her moving around while staying firmly latched onto my breast, she discovered that if she rolled her head from side to side, she could make wonderful fart noises. Of course, she doesn’t think of them as fart noises (yet), but she enjoys making them nonetheless. And I have to admit to cracking up while she’s done it on more than one occasion. One time I even had to call Jody into the room so he could hear his daughter’s new trick cuz every dad is proud of their kid making fart noises, right?

So just about every night as we lay down to bed, we are lulled to sleep by the sound flappy, often wet-sounding farts. Ahhh, just one of the many perks for nursing a toddler. ;)

8 thoughts on “Mama, the whoopee cushion”

  1. Yet another body change due to parenting I wasn’t aware of. Not only can one navigate the globe via the roadmaps of the thighs, but the perks of breastfeeds leads to on-demand whoopie cushions. Man, I learn something new every day :)

  2. Just stumbled in from blogging mommies and thought your post was really funny. I miss those days. Have a great weekend!

  3. We’re in Western Ma……I’m about 15 minutes from the edge of the Berkshires. You’ll love it. So pretty up there.

  4. Thanks for the comments, ladies.
    Yes, it’s very entertaining to have a toddler in the house. Yesterday I taught her how to eat crackers with her toes! LOL
    Between the flatulence on my boobs and all of her other silly antics, she keeps us in stitches a lot of the time. ;)

    Kate, I’m excited to be going out that way, especially for the fall foliage in the Berkshires. :) Can’t wait!

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