How crunchy are YOU?

Want to learn your “Granola Factor”?

Take this quiz and find out just how crunchy you really are.
Be sure to report your scores back here. :)
(This quiz really only works if you are a woman with children. Sorry.)

I got 123 and barely made it into: Super Nutty, Ultra-Crunchy Granola Earth Mama ;)

13 thoughts on “How crunchy are YOU?”

  1. 65, sprinkled with granola. But I have to say the vegetarian/organic/grow-your-own question wasn’t fair. Just because I don’t grow my own food doesn’t mean I don’t get more points for being a veg :) :) :)

  2. 73 — sprinkled with granola. :)
    I got your blog site from the discussion forum and I enjoy reading it a lot.

  3. 44 a low sprinkled with granola

    I co-sleep, “wore” my kids and breastfed my girls until 22 months and 18 months respectively. What more do you people want from me? ha ha ha (Teasing!)

  4. It’s fun to see what everyone got. :) I’m actually pretty amazed I scored as high as I did. I answered, “I thought about it” and only got two points for quite a few of them too.

    Yeah, I agree with R2Ks and Nino that the quiz could be worded a lot better and you could get more points for the things you actually do. I didn’t like that several things were combined in a few of them. What if I do some of them, but not the others? :oP

    Jackofalltrades, don’t think I’ve seen ya here before. Or maybe a long time ago? I can’t remember. Welcome anyway! :) How’d you find my blog?

    And Nino, that sounds pretty darn crunchy to me.

    Maybe I’ll make up a new quiz in my spare time. Wait! What’s that? LOL

  5. I had to answer several questions with what I *intend* to do once I move back to the States because I cannot do them here. I plan to use a cloth diaper service. I plan to cook home made whole foods from scratch. I plan to make baby’s food too. Just that here in Bangkok I cannot live my ideals, but I only have a month left to wait!

  6. Just passing through…don’t really remember where I’d gotten your link from amygeekgrl. I’m all over the internet clicking on things!

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