I feel like I haven’t been posting anything of substance lately except pics, money woes and rants about my stinkin’ refrigerator. Here it is, almost Friday again (where did the week go?) which means we are gearing up for another SPF (Self Portrait Friday). Katy hasn’t announced the theme yet though. And do I have anything of substance to write about today? Eh, not really. :oP Ava is sleeping on me with a boob in her mouth at the moment. I’d go lay her down but she really needs to get a good nap in today because we’re heading out to a meeting (for theRead More →

1. Name as it appears on birth certificate: AKG 2. Nicknames: Ame, Amus the Maevis 3. Place of Birth: Michigan 4. Favorite food: Mexican, Vietnamese or Indian. 5. Ever been to Africa: No 6. Love someone so much it hurts: Yes. 7. Been in a car accident: Just a fender-bender 8. Croutons or bacon bits: Neither. 9. Favorite day of the week: Saturday 10. Favorite restaurant: Efrain’s (yummy, cheap Mexican food!) 11. Favorite sport to watch: Hockey 12. Favorite drink for summer: Water 13. Favorite ice cream: Moose Tracks or Mint Choco Chip 14. Disney or Warner Bros.: Eh, I guess Disney though I thinkRead More →