Dorky Tuesday

Dorky Tuesday

Just a girl decided to start up another round of Dorky Tuesday (previously done by Osbasso last week).
So in the spirit of dorkiness, here I am back in July 1983. Love the glasses and even better, love the cards! Lookin’ good there, Ame! :-)


  1. So the geek girl thing isn’t so much new, huh?

    Your smile’s awfully cute, though.

  2. As near as i can tell, Amy has always had a winning smile… she got learned good in her youth. Me, I didn’t smile right til Amy corrected me.

    Amy has an ex-boyfriend that freaked out when she deemed herself a nerd (or was it Geek), he didn’t want to date a nerdy girl. I laugh at that, he must not have known who he was with… she’s got lotsa nerdy dorkitude in her.

    Cute picture Ame, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. Next week will be Polka dancing outfits right?

  3. that picture is way adorable! thanks for playing!!

    I have been getting some good word verifications lately. Todays wv is BUXM!

  4. Yeah, once a geek, always a geek. At least I don’t try to deny it. ;)

    Thanks to all. :) I’m sure I have enough dorky pics laying around (or at my parents’ house) to last for many, many weeks.

    Hmm, will have to see if I have any Polish dancing pics. (Don’t think I do though.) That would’ve worked well for tomorrow’s Way Back Wednesday!

  5. Heehee…very cute I think. Oh and all the glasses looked like that back then. You were very cool!!!

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