Ava, the friendly shoe dictator

Ava, the friendly shoe dictator

I think I mentioned before that Ava has taken to being affectionate with just about everything. She kisses walls, the bed, toys, Jody and me, and just about everything else really. A few weeks ago in a Verizon store, she was walking around kissing phone cases. She often gives Maggie (the dog) kisses on her back. Yesterday at the garden she was kissing the green bean plants (perhaps showing her thanks for the food?), and last night at dinner she kissed the table and then the kiwi she was eating. I guess she figures everything could use a little loving. ;)

And it seems I am not allowed to go without shoes in our house anymore. Anytime Ava sees me barefoot, she brings me my Birks or slippers or BOTH to put on. She’s started doing it to Jody too. Everyone must wear shoes, except for her of course. She is free to roam the house barefoot. I can’t complain about that though – her feet are too darn cute to resist. :)

P.S. Just a reminder that Monday is Metaphoric Monday over on brain droppings. Take a pic, draw something in MS Paint, sculpt out of Playdoh, etc., something to illustrate the theme: “Eat one’s words.” Then leave Jody a comment and he’ll link back to your site. :)


  1. That’s the cutest ‘load of laundry’ I have ever seen!:) And what a sweetie for all the kisses.

  2. Sorry I deleted the other post. My computer is being slow, for some reason. So I pressed the button too many times and there were 4 of the same posts from me! You don’t need to hear me that much. :)

  3. Oh that laundry basket thing is cute! In our house, we are shoe-free–and so are all of our visitors. My older daughter enforces it :)

  4. Oh that is just adorable. Aiyana does the same thing (kissing everything.) I admit I got her into doing that when she was very young. She also tells everything ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’.

  5. I think every kid has a picture of them with a clothes basket! Forget buying toys! Just use things around the house to entertain!

  6. My little granddaughter is just sooo cute! Just like her Momma was. I hope she has some kisses for Grandma and Grandpa S. in Massachusetts next week. Love those toothies!

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