Metaphoric Monday #1

Metaphoric Monday #1

Jody has designated Monday to be “Metaphoric Monday.” This week’s theme is: Eat one’s words.
I have to confess I was thinking it was “eat *YOUR* words” which is why I have “your words” spelled out instead of “one’s words.” It’s just as well though. I didn’t have an apostrophe block anyway. ;)

Happy MM! Go see who else played (or join in yourself) over at brain droppings. :)


  1. Yay! Thanks for playing!

    You win a prize!

  2. Thanks ladies (and gent).
    You should all play too. :) The more, the merrier.

  3. How creative…

    I keep meaning to post about your glasses ( I know, I know, superficial but they are so cool!)

  4. thanks VM and Monkey! :) And hey, I don’t mind getting compliments on my glasses.

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