HNT # 4 – Footsie

HNT # 4 – Footsie

It’s time for another round of Half-Nekkid Thursday. I missed last week’s since I was on vacation and admit I didn’t prepare well for this week’s. My daughter brought a shoe out of my closet to me earlier in the week and as it sat here beside me this morning, I decided to throw it on for an impromptu pic for HNT. So here’s my foot and shoe (and a little leg). :)

Now go see who else is playing HNT this week over at Osbasso’s! Or read the Guidelines for HNT.


  1. Nice leg! Glad to hear I am not the only one who threw mine together. Thrown together or not, it’s still a great shot!

    Happy HNT!

  2. Nice pic! Sometimes the impromptu ones are the most fun…Happy HNT!

  3. I don’t get it when people post feet for HNT – that doesn’t count!

  4. i like the picture is angled so you make it seam the foot is on the wall (maybe it really is i dunno) but anyway, funny how the dynamics change when the leg is horizontal rather than vertical

  5. thank you all. :)

    bricotrout – my foot is actually on the wall. ;)

  6. Of course it counts! I like this photo, simple yet artsy. Happy HNT!

  7. How did you know about my foot fetish ;) Happy HNT

  8. Ohhh, I love shoes so very much! Great pic. Happy HNT!

  9. i want to go shoe shopping now, that shoe looks so great! happy HNT!

  10. thanks all! i really like the way those shoes look, but they are uncomfortable as hell.

    halloweenlover – i know, right! i totally need some fishnets. put that on my xmas list. ;)

  11. Oooo great shoes and great leg! Happy HNT :)

  12. elegant and tasty ;-) great picture! nice to meet you.

    i also loved the vermont photos. i long to be standing on that mountain overlook. breathtaking!


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