I’ve been playing around with my friend’s camera, trying to get a feel for it the past couple of days. It helps to have an adorable subject to photograph (yes, I’m biased), but doesn’t help that she won’t sit still for more than a second at at time. ;) Anyway, here are a few pics I’ve taken of my lil sweetie. Sitting with our pumpkins (pumpas). Time for a bath! Playing with leaves. Fun with sticks. Waving to a duck in the pond. Also, I finally scored a toy shopping cart today. (I’ve been trying to track down a used one for a while now.)Read More →

Tomorrow is our second Cherished Children API (Attachment Parenting International) meeting. I’m especially looking forward to it because we are having a financial advisor (someone Jody and I had an initial consulation with) speak about surviving and thriving on one income. I think we’ll have a really good turnout because money (or lack thereof) is such an important issue for so many people who want to have one parent stay home with the kids while the other works. This particular financial advisor is the father of three – two biological children and one adopted – and his wife stays at home with them. So heRead More →