About 5 years ago, Jody and I committed the biggest, most expensive mistake learning experience of our lives. We bought a timeshare. It cost us $10,000 and is not anywhere near being paid off. In fact, it’s now rolled into our home equity loan to get it off a super high interest rate. Oy. They promised us it was a great investment. “Think of all the great memories you can make with your family on vacations.” “Think how much you will save over the years by buying this versus staying in a hotel.” Etc. Were we gullible? Yes. Naive? INCREDIBLY! Uninformed? YES! Come to findRead More →

A quickie blog, of course. ;) Thanksgiving went well. The turkey came out fine despite the thawing scare, as did all of our accoutrement. It was a very yummy dinner, but oddly enough, Jody and I talked about the fact that we’ve been thinking about going vegetarian again lately. Hmmmm. We played a round of Cranium (bending the rules a bit so that just the two of us could play) Thursday night. It was fun to do something like that together (and even more fun that I won – barely). ;) And Ava enjoyed playing with all the game pieces. It had been a longRead More →

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Here’s wishing everyone a relaxing day surrounded by people you love. (And if you can have a big yummy meal on top of that, all the better!) I’m off to start on our lil family feast while Jody and Ava watch a bit of the Thanksgiving parades on TV. :) Edited to add: Thought we weren’t going to have a turkey when I discovered the darn thing hadn’t thawed all the way! Sheesh! It had been thawing in the fridge since Monday and is only an 11 pounder. I ran some cold water in it for a while and it seemsRead More →

In my migraine/ipuprofen-induced stupor last night, I had an interesting dream about some friends (former friends?) of mine. It seems I can’t turn off my brain even when I’m sleeping. First, some history. There was a group of five of us (JK, TF, JL, JS and me) who were best friends in high school. We called ourselves the “Fab Five.” We stayed in touch throughout college, moves to various parts of the country, new jobs, weddings and births. I started this blog in February 2005, and my friendship with a couple of them (JS and TF) deteriorated from that point. They took offense to thingsRead More →

Ava and I hit the grocery store today (along with tons of other folks) to do our Thanksgiving meal shopping. I figured a Monday afternoon wouldn’t be so crowded, but it seems I was wrong. The store was full of people for Miss Ava to converse with. I think she said “hi” to something like 27 people. ;) Most replied, though some did not. Some replied to the first few greetings, but not to the 10 more that followed. ;) What can I say – she’s a very friendly girl. (Where does she get *that* from??) :oP Her latest saying is “oh no!” which JodyRead More →

Glory be! I think I’ve solved our money problems! We’re selling our house and buying this instead for only $23,400! What a bargain. ;) Who cares that Jody and I will have to crouch down all the time and that we’ll have to rent out some land in a friend’s backyard, we’ll be living in style and Ava should be more than comfortable. ;) Be sure to check out the detailed pictures from the link above and other luxury playhouses and then don’t forget to pick your jaw up off the floor!! The Victorian Playhouse has a front porch, turret, cedar-shingled gable, scrollwork accents, octagonalRead More →