Bad timing

Last night proved to be especially chaotic in our house.

We were eating dinner when the phone rang. We rarely answer our phone, especially in the evening, afraid that it’s a poll for this, that or the other thing or Qwest asking us to upgrade our service, etc. So we let it roll over to the answering machine and it turned out to be a friend of Jody’s (he was an usher in our wedding) that he hadn’t talked to in over a year. So Jody ran upstairs and got the phone and proceeded to have a loooong ol’ conversation with his buddy.

In the meantime, Ava smeared food all over the back of the chair (we just use a booster seat on top of a chair and I’d forgotten to put another towel – to protect it – on it), got ahold of a crayon and drew on the wall (thank goodness for washable crayons), dumped her water all over the paper and table where she was drawing (after I discovered the colored wall), and then fell off the bottom step where she bonked her head and started crying.

While all of this was going on, I was trying to finish eating my dinner, then do the dishes and clean the kitchen, tend to the dogs and wash crayon off the wall, and then calm an upset child. In my efforts to clean up, I dropped Ava’s booster seat tray into the sink and it shattered a glass. Oy! (Thankfully the glass stayed in the sink and Ava was in the diningroom.) It was one of those “Calgon, take me away” moments.

Where was Jody while all mayhem broke lose? Upstairs, chatting it up. ;oP
I got pretty frustrated with the whole situation for a while. I understand he hadn’t talked to his friend in over a year, but couldn’t he have called him back at a better time? I know he didn’t do it to spite me, but I was definitely feeling overwhelmed.

Anyway, after he got off the phone and my frustration hadn’t subsided, I decided to take a couple hours to get out of the house and chill. I drove up to Borders and read almost an entire book on (what else?) photography. It was nice to get out alone, and I learned a great deal too.

Lesson learned? Hmmm. Don’t sweat the small stuff, I guess. Funny thing is I haven’t gotten really worked up over something in quite a while.

And then I wonder where Ava gets her temper from. ;oP