Sooooo cold and windy (and more rambling about the timeshare)!

It was so cold and ridiculously windy here today, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost some shingles off the house. Our garbage can blew over and tumbled around the yard and the cover for our grill blew off. The wind was so loud, it woke me up this morning and I couldn’t fall back asleep. It’s only going to get worse the next couple days. We can expect highs in the teens Tuesday and single digits on Wednesday. Yikes!

Ava and I decorated our Christmas tree today. Well, I decorated. She pulled the non-breakable ornaments off and put them on and took them off again. ;) After I turned on the tree lights I think I heard “wow!” from her about 26 times. Everytime she sees the tree again, the “wow”s start all over again. Oh and “pee-y wights” (pretty lights). :)

In other news, we thought our timeshare dilemma had been solved. We found out about this company called Timeshare Relief who supposedly buys timeshares outright from people who want to get rid of them. They even have a good review with the Better Business Bureau. Well, upon doing some further digging tonight, Jody discovered that they are YET AGAIN another scam. Apparently they get you to go to their presentation, paint a very bleak picture about owning a timeshare and all the money you are flushing down the toilet (the complete opposite of what the companies do when trying to sell them to you), then get you to agree to spend $3,500 (or thereabouts) to have them take it off your hands forever. OMG. I seriously can’t believe there are so many companies and people out there in the world who are just trying to screw everyone over.

Yet again, the old adage proves true – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.