Celebrating my girl

Celebrating my girl

Today is my sweetie’s 18 months birthday, so in celebration I thought I’d post some pictures of her taken over the past two months. (I’d do something more creative, but I still feel like crap and don’t have the energy.)

The first set is from November, at a park in town. The second set is from a few days ago. She’s playing in a box that her Christmas presents from Me-maw and Pa-pa came in. Who needs presents when you have a big ol’ box full of packing peanuts? ;)

Happy year and a half, baby! :)



    That is easily the cutest frickin baby/toddler ever!

    I really like the one of her peeking over the top edge of the box. The best xmas gift of all.

  2. The Joys of boxes, I really almost got Mikal 20 boxes for a gift this summer so he could play with them.

  3. happy 18 months!

    what a cute litte person she is
    her smile melts my heart

  4. Hey is the Jody above the same Jody who is Ava’s dad? He’s biased!!! :) But, he’s right, she is the cutest baby!! I love the pics! I bet her and Seren would get along great, she seems like a loving soul.

  5. I bet you had fun cleaning up the peanuts? She is a real cutie!

  6. Too cute!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family Amy!

  7. Yes, Ava is quite adorable and I agree with her daddy that the one of her peeking out of the box is the cutest. Happy 18 months!

  8. Thanks everybody. :)

    Tiff – you guessed it – Jody is Ava’s daddy. ;) So he’s a wee bit biased.

    Gina – the boxes themselves really seem like the best presents for them at this age. Let’s them use their imaginations too. :)

    Roy – the peanuts stayed in the box for the most part so that was no big deal.

  9. Such gorgeous pictures in the park! And Ava is just beautiful, Amy. Thanks for sharing these pics. ~slm73

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