Biz meeting and more

A friend of mine turned me on to the local community college that offers small business start-ups free one-on-one counseling. Not having money to spare for financial counseling otherwise, I decided to jump on that. My appointment is tomorrow.

The free counseling includes:
* Start-up issues – registration, licensing, market research, financing, insurance
* Business planning for prestart-up, start-up, existing and emerging businesses
* Strategic plan assistance
* Development of marketing strategies
* Financial statement analysis, budgeting and projections

I’m very impressed that it’s all free. (I’m assuming there’s no hidden catch since my friend went through this herself.)

Jody and I came up with a list of questions tonight and hopefully I will get some good solid info I need for starting this photography business (as well as operating my CafePress store).

I want to make sure that all of my ducks are in a row from the get-go so I don’t have to worry about it all later.


It’s still freezing here and actually snowed a couple inches today. I took advantage of the cold and cranked up the oven to bake pumpkin spice cookies (with chocolate chips) tonight. Mmmm. :)

The temperature right now is 3 degrees (but feels like -12 with the windchill factor – sidenote: when I was a kid, I always thought they said “windshield factor”). Tomorrow’s high is 8 degrees. I’m not looking forward to leaving the house for my counseling appointment. Brrrrr.

I ordered our Christmas cards (which include a family photo of us) tonight. Yay! We took pics this weekend here at the house using my tripod and camera timer. They aren’t the best, but they will do. Ava got a kick out of mommy running back and forth between the camera and she and daddy for the pics. She thought the whole thing was a hoot and we even got some smiles out of her in them. I will be glad to get the cards and mail them off.

I need to come up with Christmas gifts for family and friends still. I’m going to try to find something easy and crafty (and inexpensive) I can make. I am just worried that I’m running out of time. I always wait til the last minute with these things.

And I need to get a few things for Ava. I haven’t even started shopping yet. We don’t have much to spend this year (I sound like a broken record, don’t I?), but I definitely want her to have a few fun presents to open from us. I’ll need to get on that soon. I can’t believe how fast Christmas is sneaking up on me this year!

Sooooo cold and windy (and more rambling about the timeshare)!

It was so cold and ridiculously windy here today, I wouldn’t be surprised if we lost some shingles off the house. Our garbage can blew over and tumbled around the yard and the cover for our grill blew off. The wind was so loud, it woke me up this morning and I couldn’t fall back asleep. It’s only going to get worse the next couple days. We can expect highs in the teens Tuesday and single digits on Wednesday. Yikes!

Ava and I decorated our Christmas tree today. Well, I decorated. She pulled the non-breakable ornaments off and put them on and took them off again. ;) After I turned on the tree lights I think I heard “wow!” from her about 26 times. Everytime she sees the tree again, the “wow”s start all over again. Oh and “pee-y wights” (pretty lights). :)

In other news, we thought our timeshare dilemma had been solved. We found out about this company called Timeshare Relief who supposedly buys timeshares outright from people who want to get rid of them. They even have a good review with the Better Business Bureau. Well, upon doing some further digging tonight, Jody discovered that they are YET AGAIN another scam. Apparently they get you to go to their presentation, paint a very bleak picture about owning a timeshare and all the money you are flushing down the toilet (the complete opposite of what the companies do when trying to sell them to you), then get you to agree to spend $3,500 (or thereabouts) to have them take it off your hands forever. OMG. I seriously can’t believe there are so many companies and people out there in the world who are just trying to screw everyone over.

Yet again, the old adage proves true – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Very productive day :)

Wow, today has been a productive one. :)

I made amends with my old friend “Nelly” – (she wrote a bit about it on her blog too). It feels so good to have closure and be getting over that whole thing. I hope it will work out that way with my other friend (TF)…someday. Time will tell.

I ran some errands (with Ava of course). I went to the bank, picked up a little something for a ‘welcome to motherhood’ celebration we’re having for a friend this weekend, mailed off two photo orders (to grandparents of the little boy I photographed a few weeks ago), and found a pair of mary janes for Christmas for Ava at a consignment shop.

Then we came home. I washed the car in the driveway, swept out the garage and gathered up four large dog food bags full of cardboard to take to EcoCycle. (Our curbside recycle program doesn’t accept cardboard and I can’t see throwing it all away. We go through way too much with all the food packaging, etc.)

After Ava and I had some lunch, we drove up to Ecocycle and dropped off the cardboard. I love it when there are lots of other cars there, as there were today. Tells me that many other people in this community care about recycling! :)

After all that excitement, Ava fell asleep in the car on the ride home and is in bed having her nap now.

It feels good to have accomplished so much!

Now I have to get work on resizing pics for a maternity order and do a bit of research because I’m taking some 4 mo. maternity pics of my friend tomorrow. I’m going to do three sets of maternity pics with her all at different stages in her pregnancy. Should be fun to have them to compare how she’s grown at the end. :)

That reminds me, I never shared any of the newborn pics here that I took last weekend. Here are a few of my favorites and a collage. :)

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend. :)

Nice surprise

Well, that was a nice surprise! I just got the mail and discovered a free holiday CD from KBCO (a local radio station). It includes holiday songs by Coldplay, Fiona Apple, Sheryl Crow, Bare Naked Ladies, James Taylor, Shawn Colvin and others.

Hooray for free stuff that I can use! :) Ava and I are listening to it now. She’s rockin’ out while nursing. LOL