I figured I’d snag this meme after seeing it over at True Blue Semi-Crunchy Mama (aka Running2Ks) and Knocked Up Vegan (aka Miriam). 4 Jobs I’ve had: Mother/homemaker Newsroom office manager Salesperson in the shoe dept. at K-mart Customer service rep at a bank 4 Movies I can watch over & over: Breakfast Club When Harry Met Sally The Princess Bride Napoleon Dynamite 4 Places I’ve Lived: Colorado Michigan Oklahoma (uh, that’s all) 4 Books I Love: Our Babies – Ourselves by Meredith Small The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent 4 Shows:Read More →

Proposal would require Colorado employers to permit breastfeeding at work Under the proposal from Sen. Deanna Hanna (D-Lakewood), businesses would be required to set aside a “quiet, private” location for the process (breastfeeding) and would specifically exclude a toilet stall as a location for the breastfeeding. In addition, the measure calls for two separate 20-minute paid breaks for the new mother in addition to whatever lunch break is allowed. Sen. Deanna Hanna said, “It’s a simple accommodation (for businesses). It’s short-term. We all know people who smoke get those accommodations to leave the building for periods of time during the day and that’s part ofRead More →