Little fairy pic

Little fairy pic

There are a lot of technical things wrong with this photo, but I still think it’s pretty darn sweet. (Of course, being the mama I’m slightly biased.)

Here’s my little fairy.

I don’t know if she’ll let me play dress-up with her again anytime soon. I bought this garb a couple days ago cuz I figured it would make for some cute pics (both of Ava and potential clients), but Ava wasn’t all that impressed and had the wings flipped over and onto her front within the matter of a minute. ;)


  1. Amy,
    That’s a great picture! She’s so lovely!

  2. Very cute! I’ve gotta get a picture of my little princess in her princess dressup stuff. She got a princess dress, shoes, a tiara and a magic wand!

  3. How sweet!!! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  4. What a cutie! Kids always have surprise reactions, huh?

  5. Oh my. That is the cutest picture ever. You’re not biased at all!

  6. isil – thank you :)

    nelly – thx. i bet “n” is a cutie in her princess garb.

    harmonia – thx and no prob. :)

    nino – thk you. the artsy feel of it is growing on me too.

    amy – thx. you can say that again. ;)

    r2ks – yes, i really think she is! :)

    monkey – thx. :)

    miriam – oh no, not biased at all. ;) thk you.

    sonja – thx! see what you have to look forward to. ;)

  7. I love this shot of my granddaughter, Amy. Hope you’re making me a print.

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