Ava, the builder and talker (pics)

Ava, the builder and talker (pics)

Gratuitious pics of Ava, the little builder…

She’s gotten in the habit of pulling cans out of the pantry over the past couple months and building. This was her most impressive creation yet. She did it completely by herself.

I asked her to move in closer to it so I could get some better pics. She decided to pose that way all on her own. It wasn’t really falling, but she certainly added a nice effect. ;)

So after our recent visit to the doctor and my estimating that she had at least 75 words in her vocabulary, I decided to write them out and count them so I could be sure I wasn’t counting words twice or just being an overly optimistic mother. I’m currently at 133 words (which includes a few phrases too) and I know there are others I haven’t even included yet. What a talker. :)

Edited to add:
Avery’s mom asked what some of her words are, so here’s a condensed list:
Ava, mommy, daddy, baby, blocks, water, milk, eggnog, book, draw, paper, sticker, heart, circle, music, nose, mouth, eyes, belly button, hair, rocking, all right, ok, naked, cracker, hummus, chocolate, apple, jacket, socks, shoes, glasses, backpack, ducky, doggies, kitty, diaper, ready, wow, potty, remote, batteries, clippers, toothpaste, hot, cold, moon, happy, nice, please, more, oh my, thank you, welcome, bubbles, basket, up, down, poop, help, got it, phone, weigh, puppet, peek-a-boo, so cute, ta-da, pat-pat, night-night
… and many more. :)
In fact, since Jody got home tonight he’s thought of even more that I had forgotten to put on the list. We’re up to 155 now.
I feel I should mention that all of these aren’t said perfectly clearly, but they are definitely recognizable to us.


  1. builder, actress….. your ava is very impressive

    and 133 words! like what?

  2. Builder + talker = contractor–or, better yet, architect and real estate mogul!

  3. avery’s mom – thanks :) i’ll add some of the words off the list up above.

    r2ks – i like the way you think. :)

  4. That second picture is priceless.

    New reader, just stopping by to say hey. :)

  5. Building vocabulary as well as canned towers — what a busy girl! BTW I saw on your favorite sites list that Born 2 Sign is listed. Did you do baby signs with Ava? I’m planning to do that for Aidan.

  6. Tiffiny – Thank you :)

    Jordynne – Hi! Welcome to my blog. How did ya find me?

    Amy – Yes, we did lots of signing with Ava. We actually started with “milk” when she was only a few months old so that we’d get in the habit of doing it ourselves. She still signs a fair amount, though they tend to drop them once they can say the words.

  7. OMG, so happy to be an aunt of the dandiest niece in the whole world. I can’t wait to return home and share the love, silliness, and the whatnot.

  8. Cster – :) Looking forward to you moving back here too. Ava still talks about “Caa-eee” – who slept in the basement but had to go back to Michigan. It will be great to have you close to us again.

  9. Eggnog is by far my favorite!! What a hoot, and I am very impresed with her can stacking. I bet she is way above the charts for her age on the “can stacking milestone”

  10. OK, your child is talented – I’m not joking! That is one impressive can tower. And I’ve witnessed many toddlers building towers. :)
    The second picture is so dramatic and cute!

  11. Sonja – You’d be amazed how often she asks for eggnog too, even though we only had it in the house briefly around Christmas. It’s pretty funny what they latch onto. :)

    Miriam – You sure know how to stroke a mama’s ego. ;)

  12. grandma g: i think i heard ga-ma and paw paw too

  13. grandma g – thanks for stopping by! yep, me-maw and paw-paw are both on the full list. :)

  14. You must be delighted to have captured this adorableness on camera : )

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