A few new pics of the kiddo and Auntie

Took these pics of Ava and Aunt Carrie today while we were out and about on a outside pedestrian mall. There’s a rock playground there, if you will, for kids to play on. Ava enjoyed messing around by herself until the bigger kids came. Then she kept saying “wow” “wow” “wow” as she watched them run and play all over the place. :) (You may notice that “baby” came with us on our adventures today. She likes to accompany Ava on her excursions.)

By the way, Carrie and I made Indian food for dinner tonight – a veggie palak paneer (using tofu instead of cheese). And, while it wasn’t the best, it still turned out pretty good (once we added some salt and red pepper flakes for an added kick). Didn’t have any naan though so we used pita bread. ;)

Sistah is in da house

My sister Carrie got into town yesterday (yay!) and will be staying with us until Monday, so I probably won’t be blogging much (or leaving many comments) the next few days.

She and Ava are having a grand ol’ time together already. Aunt Carrie is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. :)

Hope you all have a nice week. :)

Good finds!

While cleaning out my basement yesterday, I came across some little silverware that my mom saved from my childhood for my future children. My mom saved A LOT of my old stuff (you’d be amazed), but I’m always thankful when I come across something that Ava likes to play with (like my old toys/dolls/books) or can use (like clothes or this silverware). We have had the hardest time lately trying to figure out what she should use to eat with. Our silverware is obviously too big for her, but the infant spoons from when she was a baby are too small. We had not yet gone out looking for something in between the two and now I’m glad that we didn’t. This silverware is perfect Ava-size! Thanks, Mom! :)
(Note the bears, Cookie Monster and Annie’s dog Sandy on the handles. Not sure where Annie went!)

As previously mentioned, I’ve been on the lookout lately for a good small chair for Ava. I’ve seen some plush ones at Target for $20, but they all have princesses (or is it Barbie?) on them and I just want something plain and simple. A friend of mine mentioned she found her daughter’s rocking and wicker chairs at a flea market, so that’s where Ava and I headed this afternoon. We found this great little rocking chair for $19.99. :) I was so thrilled!

We also saw a cute little wooden play kitchen stovetop/cabinets that Aunt Carrie might get for Ava for her belated Christmas present. We’ll be going back up there this week for sure. :)
So anyway, I plan to go to the flea market more often. There is so much to see there and many things that I think would come in handy as props for my photography business – like other little chairs, hat boxes or baskets (for babies/kids to sit in), etc. Yay! I’m glad to have discovered it.

Fun night and good, productive day

We had a really fun time last night. Jody, Ava and I went over to our friends’ house – Dax, Brandy and 2-yr-old Creed – to ring in the new year with them and another couple – Sonja and Troy and their 7-week-old daughter Annabelle.

We had a potluck dinner with lots of yummy appetizers and other foods, and we actually had a few drinks as well. Anybody who knows us knows this is really out of the ordinary for us. We just don’t drink much. In fact, the bottle of Jose Cuervo we took with us to make our margaritas is easily three years old and only had about 3 ounces missing from the bottle (and now only has 7 oz. missing)! LOL

We had plans to play games, but the conversation kept flowing, so we sat around and talked all night.

Ava and Creed had a BLAST playing together. They’ve known each other since Ava was a few months old, but it’s only in the past few months that they’ve both reached an age where they can really play and have fun together. :)

Anyway, we had planned on only staying til 9 or 10 p.m., but we were having such a good time we didn’t leave until 11:30. We were home by the time the clock struck 12. Happy New Year!

Today has been really productive around here. Jody and I took the Christmas tree down, I did a few loads of laundry including our bed linens, Jody straigtened up the extra bedroom (in the basement) for my sister’s arrival in two days, then I went down there and did a bunch of organizing and rearranging. I gathered up a big box full of things to give away – curtains, blinds, sweaters, coats, magazines, old purses, etc. Guess I’m getting started on my voluntary simplicity living. ;)

Jody has the day off tomorrow, but a friend of his will be in from out of town, so he and all the boys are getting together for an all-day DnD session. Blah.

I think the lil miss and I will run some errands. I’m on the lookout for a cute little chair for her that I can also use for my photography business, so we might hit a flea market or second-hand shop or two. We’ll see. Also need to do a bit more cleaning before my sister gets into town. She’ll be staying with us for six days. She hasn’t seen Ava since her 1st birthday in June so she’s very excited about getting to spend some time with her niece. And I’m excited to see her too. :)

And now I’m going to go read some more about simple living. (Thanks for the link, Amy!)