We’re heading out of town this week (leaving Thursday morning) for five days – driving down to Oklahoma to see my in-laws and all of Ava’s cousins. :) It’s been a looooong time since she’s seen her cousins – uh, since Thanksgiving 2004! – so it will be lots of fun for her I’m sure, especially now that she can walk and run with the best of them. We haven’t attempted a driving trip this long (10 hours without stops) since that long ago (Thanksgiving ’04) as well and I hope and pray this trip is easier than that one was. I am optimistic thatRead More →

I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner last Thursday. I had some tempeh that I wanted to use, but wasn’t sure how to prepare it. After looking through the cupboards, I decided to throw this sauce together, totally unsure about how it would turn out. It was actually quite tasty and I think I’ll make it again sometime. Here’s roughly what I did. Tomato artichoke tempeh sauce with fettucine Saute 3 cloves minced garlic in 2T olive oil. Stir in cut up tempeh and saute until golden brown. Add in 1 14 oz. can of quartered artichoke hearts (chopped up).Read More →

Wow! I almost overlooked it, but today is my 1 year blogging anniversary! I started off my blog with a bit of controversy (I was excited about being part of a cause), but over time things mellowed out around here. Of course, I still speak my mind and share my views (and am thankful to have this outlet to do so), but I think people have learned that I do it not to attack others, but merely to share what I believe in. I’m so glad I have stuck with my blog through thick and thin. I’ve made several great friends in the blogging world,Read More →

So much for a fun birthday for Jody today. I got hit by ANOTHER wave of this evil rotavirus (or whatever it is) bug early this morning. After clinging to the toilet as I hurled the remains of my dinner (why is it always tempeh??), I left him a message on his work voicemail (he was on his way into work via the bus) telling him I was really sick and might need him to come home. Being the good guy that he is, he got the message and, soon after, caught another bus home, just missing my call saying that I was doing aRead More →

I’m full of good news today. :) First off, I got an email from someone at Xcel Energy to apologize that nobody filled me in on what was going on with my account (despite the fact that I was emailing back and forth with one of their “customer service” people who never bothered to bring this up). He said that while our averaged monthly bill has gone up, it’s only gone up $10/month!! The big bill we just had was the reconciling at the end of the year (which I was aware of), but our next bill should only be for $10 more than whatRead More →

I’ve been wanting to write about my weekend for a few days now, but between Ava and this possible rotavirus (the diarrhea continues) and me feeling like my stomach was in a vice yesterday (again!), I just haven’t been motivated. Anyway, I had a really cool weekend. A friend of mine who’s pregnant (wait, aren’t all of my friends pregnant right now?? 3 more just made the announcement in the past week! That brings the total to 8!) invited me to go with her to a nude photoshoot she was doing for a local artist. This artist does sculptures, paintings, body castings, digital manipulation andRead More →