This proved to be a very tasty dinner for us on Thurdsay. Ava gobbled it right up. Hope you enjoy it as well. :) Mexican Polenta Casserole Ingredients: 1 package of polenta w/ green chiles and cilantro (it comes seasoned that way) 1 can of refried beans w/ green chiles 1 C Quorn grounds (warmed and seasoned with taco seasoning) 1/2 C salsa 1/2 can black olives (sliced) 3/4 C cheese (I used sharp cheddar and monterrey jack) And 1 or 2 avocados (and whatever you put into your guacamole) to make into guacamole. I used lime juice, Spike seasoning, pepper and cilantro. Instructions: SprayRead More →

I took these last night and today. There’s nothing technically great about them (other than they are of my sweetie, of course), just some cute snapshots. :) Ava, playing with her “babies” (and hamming it up) last night. (The Mandy and Jenny dolls were mine and my sister’s when we were kids.) These pics were taken right before she decided all of her dolls needed to be naked (“nake-nee”).: Today’s weather was so awesome, we spent a good part of our day outside. First playing in the backyard, then we went for a walk around the park, then I decided to clean out my frontRead More →

I just caught part of a show called “American Consumer” on PBS. On today’s show they discussed something that’s been particularly important to me lately – organic foods. In the U.S., organic foods are regulated by the government, which is reassuring because you know that if you buy something labeled organic, it truly will be organic. Here’s a little bit about the labeling process per USDA Organic Standards Fact Sheet. Products labeled: 1. 100% Organic must be just that—100% organic ingredients. 2. Organic with the USDA Seal must contain 95% organic ingredients by weight. 3. Made with Organic Ingredients must contain 70% organic ingredients byRead More →