Pics from the day (mostly egg hunt)

Pics from the day (mostly egg hunt)

As always, click the pic to see it larger.

Daddy and Ava having deviled eggs.

And now for more egg hunt pictures than you ever cared to see! Ava enjoyed finding the eggs so much (and mommy enjoyed taking pictures) that we had to do it twice. ;)

And lastly, Ava sitting with mommy, checking out her egg hunt loot. (Pay no attention to my nappy, growing out, looks like crap hair. I am SOOO in need of a haircut, it’s not even funny.)


  1. Cute pix! You’re hair doesn’t look bad…it looks all cute and whispy!

  2. Hi Amy! (See my other comment on the post below too) Adorable pics :) ~ I have a 2 year old boy and the egg hunt stuff was a real blast this year.

    Hope you have a great week ~

  3. p.s. I noticed your reference to Robert Fulghum in your blog rules. I love that guy – I’ve drawn many blog ideas from his book “Words I Wish I Wrote”. :)

  4. Ava looks so sweet in her Easter dress. And what fun she was having with the egg hunt!

  5. As always, great photos. My favorite is the fourth. The light is just fantastic.

    And you look good, too. I know you usually keep your hair fairly short. But don’t worry. That’s a cute look for you, too.

  6. Amy!
    Great photos (as always :) ) Ava looks so happy and thrilled with the egg hunt, its such a fun age :)

    Your hair doesn’t look bad! But if you really need a new “do” I love my stylist, she is awesome, let me know if you want her info, she actually works at costcutters in that other “L” town close to me ;) So not too expensive!

  7. Hi Am, Ava & Jody, Thanks for the great pics. Ava is sooo big and a beautiful “little girlie”. This is a great web site and I will visit it more often. I agree-your hair looks cute! I must call your Mom. Glad that you are enjoying the books etc. Lots of love, Great Aunt Jo

  8. thanks for all the comments. :) i appreciate those of you who said my hair doesn’t look bad, but it’s just not what i want it to be right now. i need a cut.

    dawn – i may take you up on your hairdresser’s info. i have one that i really like, but she’s at an aveda salon and charges and arm and a leg.

    aunt jo – so glad you stopped by! :)

  9. hi, got your comment.. here’s the link to the april veg livin’ thread on mothering. every month, we do a new thread. the author of the veg. mother’s cookbook (cathe) often posts there, but it’s about anything and everything veg, not just her cookbook ;) i’m shelley4 there, by the way.

  10. Cute pics, as always! :)

    Hey, it looks like your hubby has a clip in his hair. Thought that was funny! :)

  11. What precious pictures! I hope you’re feeling better. :)

  12. Hey Ame~ I absolutely ADORE her shoes!!! They are too cute!

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