Yep, we are expecting baby #2!! :) I have to admit that we’ve known for a while now, but I wasn’t feeling ready to share the news publicly until now. I’m actually 10 1/2 weeks pregnant and my “guess date” is Nov. 16. It’s been incredibly hard keeping my mouth shut on my blog because so many things in my life lately have revolved around being pregnant! So I’m relieved to have finally told my secret so I can start blabbing about baby stuff and all the things that have been running through my mind lately. I never wrote about our experience getting pregnant withRead More →

Good news for parents of breast-fed babies who are concerned their little ones aren’t gaining enough weight. “The World Health Organization is to issue new guidelines on measuring the growth rates of babies. “Current charts are based on calculations using the growth patterns of babies fed largely on formula milk from 20 years ago. But bottle-fed babies put on weight more quickly than those that are breast-fed, meaning breast-fed children could be shown as underweight. The new recommended charts are based on data from breast-fed babies.” Here’s the whole story: Baby growth charts to be revised I know several of my friends will be excitedRead More →