I’m a blogging fool today. OK, just a short, cute story here, then it’s off to the grocery stores. Ava has a shirt from my Cafe Press store that says “I’m going to be a big sister” on it. She was wearing it yesterday and will tell you what it says when you ask her. Well, today I put a shirt on her that says “I’m a cute chick” and has a pic of a baby chicken on it. So she was looking in the mirror and noticed the words on her shirt and said, “I’m going to be a big sister.” So I explainedRead More →

Here are two totally unrelated articles, but both seem worth sharing. It’s been a while since I shared much in the birth or breastfeeding realm, so here ya go. :) The first is about breastfeeding and feminism and covers such topics as: -Scant support for breastfeeding in the medical community -Low U.S. breastfeeding rates -Human milk and long-term human health -History of infant feeding practices in the United States -La Leche League steps in -Formula companies convince HHS and AAP to alter breastfeeding campaign -The question of guilt -What feminists can do It’s a very long article, but contains a lot of good information. I’dRead More →