Here are two totally unrelated articles, but both seem worth sharing. It’s been a while since I shared much in the birth or breastfeeding realm, so here ya go. :) The first is about breastfeeding and feminism and covers such topics as: -Scant support for breastfeeding in the medical community -Low U.S. breastfeeding rates -Human milk and long-term human health -History of infant feeding practices in the United States -La Leche League steps in -Formula companies convince HHS and AAP to alter breastfeeding campaign -The question of guilt -What feminists can do It’s a very long article, but contains a lot of good information. I’dRead More →

Mice have returned to our garage. What are they thinking? Don’t they know we had to kill all of their friends? :oP Ugh. Jody went out the day after discovering them and bought more of the poison food so hopefully they won’t last long or have the chance to reproduce as much as they did last time. They are such dirty critters. We’re going to leave the poison stuff out there on a regular basis now to hopefully deter a new crowd from repopulating the space every month or so. We had a really hot weekend here and it doesn’t look like we’ll see aRead More →

16 weeks pregnant today! I’m feeling great! I don’t really have a need to nap every day like I did during the first trimester, which is great because I can get caught up on other things (like proofing pics) that I didn’t have time for before. I’ve scheduled my ultrasound for when I’ll be 19 weeks. Only 3 weeks away! It’s crazy how fast this pregnancy is going. With Ava, I felt like she was a girl and it was no surprise to me when the ultrasound tech announced that she was. With this baby, I’m really not sure. Part of me wants to sayRead More →