Kid brag

Kid brag

Ava just counted to 13 (with the exception of 6, which she always skips) all by herself! She was spinning the other office chair and counting each time she pushed it and got all the way up to 13. And then after 13, she said “eleventeen.” ;) I was totally floored. We never count past 10 when we count together. Anyway, proud mommy moment here. Just had to share. ;)


  1. Isn’t it great! My princess counts to 17 and has been for quite some time. It still amazes me how much she is learning! And repeat, repeat, repeat! I have to watch what I say now!

  2. That is so cute. And smart since you never go past 10.

    Does she have an adversion to the number six?

  3. Nelly – Little sponges, they are!

    EatPeacePlease – No aversion that I know of. A friend of mine’s son skips 6 too. I guess it’s fairly common when learning to count?

  4. Good for Ava! What a smart girl! :)

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