Just not feeling it

Just not feeling it

I’m just not feeling the desire to blog the past few days. Not sure why exactly (could be things going on in my personal life, could be I’m feeling more introverted these days, could be cuz I’ve been busy nesting, or it could be a combo of things), but I’m sure it will pass.
Anyway, I just wanted to pop on briefly to say “I ain’t writin’ today.” :oP


  1. Well – just hope things are working okay Amy. Best wishes…

  2. We all understand. I’m actually surprised you blog so much! I feel good if I blog once a week, let alone everyday. Take a few days off. We’ll catch up with ya. ;)

  3. Amy –
    Join the club…I, too, have been feeling unbloggy lately. I need inspiration! Any ideas?
    Hope you and family are doing great!

  4. penny – thank you. :) things are fine – i just needed a break.

    foxymom – it’s usually something i look forward to each day (blogging, that is), but i think this little break is good for me. :)

    leigh – glad i’m not alone. ;) i’ve got some ideas for things to write about (i actually started a blog entry yesterday that i haven’t finished yet), but it’s hard to always find the time to write too. anyway, hope you find the inspiration you need too and hope you are doing well. :)

  5. DWFG!!

    That is:



    (and by omission, don’t do what DOESN’T feel good, Amy!)

  6. Well,enjoy your rest and nesting ;)You’ll have less time to do this when baby arrives so we all understand as Foxymom says. Cheers!

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