After my pseudo-complaining about the cost of hiring a midwife (or moreso that insurance won’t cover the cost), I’m actually considering hiring a photographer as well to document my birth. Am I nuts or what?! (Uh, don’t answer that. Seriously.) The way I see it, having a baby – this baby – will happen once in my lifetime. And this may very well be the last baby that we have. (Maybe. Nothing is carved in stone yet.) I would love to take pictures of my own birth, but, as hard as I try, I can’t be in two places at once. ;) I really, reallyRead More →

This looks like fun. :) Breastfeeding Outlook has launched two new photo contests to celebrate families! Parents nationwide are invited to enter one or both of these contests: -Everyday Families -Breastfeeding Multiple entries are welcome. Digital and print entries are welcome. Prizes will be awarded for: -Best Picture -Funniest Picture -Best Breastfeeding Picture In addition, each contest participant will receive $2 for each photo accepted by Breastfeeding Outlook (up to $50), and a prize of $100 will be awarded for “Most Pictures” to the participant with the most photos accepted. All entries are due by November 15, 2006. Awards will be announced by December 31,Read More →