Happy Due Date

Happy Due Date

I just wanted to say:

Happy Due Date to Me.
Happy Due Date to Me.
Happy Due Date to Meeeeeeeeeeee.
Happy Due Date to Me.

“Over the top!” – This pic of my disappearing feet was taken on Nov. 11, at 39 weeks.


  1. Yes, Happy Due Date to you! I cannot wait! I keep pokin’ my head in to see what’s going on. Sending you so much love in these final days. You are strong, wise, and such a gentle warrior.

  2. I’m sending lotsa love your way too, Amy. What a fantastic picture! We’re all so excited!!!!

  3. very cute and best of luck with the big day – Congrats!

  4. thats so cute :)

    Happy Due Date!!

    On my due date with Elliana, I celebrated by making an eggplant parmasan dish that was supposed to “make women go into labor”
    Didn’t really work, but dang it was good.

    Theres one thing that did work… give ya one guess *wink*


  5. Happy Due Date, Amy! I am a bit surprised you made it to 40 weeks…I thought you would be a bit under that, but just goes to show these babies have a mind of their own on when they decide to enter the outside world. I love your picture too. Enjoy whatever time you have left as a family of 3- pretty soon, you won’t even remember what it was like without BB in your life. :-)

  6. Ha ha ha… i love this post. So cute! I have been obsessively checking your site and living vicariously through you… make sure Jody puts a labor & birth update on your site so we can pray for you and think healthy thoughts!

  7. Happy Due Date to you, Amy :) Here’s hoping that little lad decides to make an appearance asap!

  8. Ladies, thank you all for the sweet and supportive comments. :)
    And Dawn, that recipe looks really tasty.

    Anyway, I’m still here. :) I have another prenatal midwife appt. on Monday if I need it. Crossing my fingers that the lil guy will decide to come this weekend, but as of this minute all is quiet and calm. He just wants to keep on cookin’.

  9. Happy due date!
    The photo cracks me up LOL!

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