dead like me and freecycling

dead like me

No, I’m not talking about how tired I am (though there are many days I feel like the walking dead). ;) I’m actually referring to the TV show, “Dead Like Me.” Jody and I started renting episodes from Netflix about a month ago and have been enjoying it ever since. It’s our little thing to do together a few evenings a week after the kids have gone to bed.

DLM, which focuses on the afterlives of a handful of grim reapers – namely a girl named “George” – is quite entertaining. I didn’t think I’d like it at first since it is, after all, about death, but it’s a dark comedy and there’s so much more to it than just the death aspect.

You can read about the show here.

I thought I was going to go watch another episode tonight, but it’s too late and I need sleep soon.


I got in one of those “MUST de-clutter the house NOW” moods today and listed four things on freecycle. All four things have been spoken for and three have already been picked up. I love it when I can get the stuff out of the house ASAP, without throwing it in the trash. Of course there is still a ton of stuff floating around that I need to sell and/or give away – it’s overwhelming to think about really – but if I can do little bits here and there, it will all add up eventually.

5 thoughts on “dead like me and freecycling”

  1. I love it when I get in those declutter moods. It somehow feels therapudic to get some stuff out and gone! That show sounds really cool, I am going to have to look into it! That’s a great idea for something to do together, b/c it’s not as time consuming as a movie, but is still a complete story. Great idea!

  2. DLM is good show. I, too, Netflixed it although Little Miss Sunshine was waiting in the wings so I sent back DLM without watching all the episodes.

    And Freecycle, ah, how many things to say about freecycle? I LOVE IT. I got my brother and his wife a Baby Bjorn, Boppy Pillow, and Bottle warmer in preparation for their upcoming new baby (and my first neice.) Love, love, LOVE Freecycle.

  3. Sonja – Yes, it’s nice because the episodes are only about an hour long. I think you’d probably like the show. It’s a bit twisted and warped. ;)

    Caroline – Little Miss Sunshine is good. A bit disturbing in parts, but good. :)
    Hey, are you the person who snatched that Bjorn out from under me? :oP I tried to get one a few days ago on Freecycle.

  4. Funny that you mention Dead Like Me. A co-worker said that I would like it, so I put it on hold. I may have to actually rent the DVD’s, since I don’t think I can wait any longer to see it!

  5. That was probably me. (Because I picked it up in L’Mont.) I got lucky and saw the posting about a minute after she sent it in. :) They come up every once in awhile, are you on Boulder and Broomfield, too? If not, I’ll try to nab one for you next time I see it on either of those.

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