Remember those old jokes – What’s grosser than gross? I’ve got a new one. What’s grosser than gross? When your baby spits up down your v-neck shirt leaving a literal puddle of spit-up in your bra. Say it with me – Ewwww! Yep, glad I didn’t bother showering today! What’s grosser than that? When you know you probably won’t get a chance to shower until later tonight at the earliest. And on the topic of liquids coming out of babies’ mouths, I was holding Julian up on the couch with me while Ava played with him as she sat on the floor. All of aRead More →

I didn’t take many pictures this week until Saturday when we dyed eggs and Sunday, which, of course was Easter. However I still came up with a few that I’d like to share. :) Here are a few of my favorites from Easter day: We did our Easter egg hunt quickly outside in the snow (yes, snow!) this year. Here’s a storyboard of Ava searching for eggs: My beautiful girl: Sweet, tired boy: Flying high and loving it: (Unfortunately, there are a ton of technical things wrong with this last photo, but I still love it because Julian was having such a blast as daddyRead More →