At least one person thinks so. ;) Mama Saga recently bestowed the “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” award upon me. Thanks so much, Mama! And now it is my pleasure to pass the award on to five ass kickin’ rockin’ girls: 1) Heather at A Mama’s Blog 2) Tanya at The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog 3) Michelle at Makeshift We Are and Tiger the Lion 4) Isil at Veggie Way 5) Stacy at The Land of K.A. I’d love to write a bit about why each of these women rock in her own special way, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. I have aRead More →

Attachment Parenting International is currently trying to raise a lot of funds and to do this they are having an online auction – API’s online auction – which began today, June 29, and will run through July 21. DONATIONS for the auction ARE NEEDED. I’m working on behalf of our local CO API chapter to help find donations (which is part of the reason I haven’t been blogging much the past few days). If you make or sell something or just have something you’d like to donate (this can be just about anything and does NOT have to be AP-specific – clothing, books, jewelry, giftRead More →

FYI: FDA Warns Consumers Not to Eat Veggie Booty Snack Food Risk of Salmonella Contamination Yikes! We’ve got two bags of Veggie Booty sitting in the cupboard. Guess it shall be moving to the trash. Edited to add 6/30/07: I took my open bag of Veggie Booty back to Vitamin Cottage today and they gave me a refund.  Read More →

National World Breastfeeding Week is Aug. 1 – 8, 2007. This year’s theme is: “Breastfeeding: The 1st Hour – Save ONE million babies!” Here at the Crunchy Domestic Goddess, I am holding a photo contest and giving away a pro-breastfeeding t-shirt to help celebrate and promote the event. Please submit your favorite breastfeeding picture of yourself and your baby/babies via email (click my email link: and it will automatically put WBWContest in the subject line. If you type the address out yourself, please note there is NO “i” in “amygeekgrl”) by Sunday, July 15. One entry (one picture) per person, please. Please note thatRead More →

On Sunday morning, Jody, Ava, Julian and I braved the record-breaking 100 degree heat to attend the National Mile High Breastfeeding Celebration in Denver hoping to help break a record of a different kind. Lactating mamas with babes, kids, hubbies and others in tow gathered together with the goal of breaking the national record for most women breastfeeding in public, as well as celebrating and promoting breastfeeding. The heat seemed to put a bit of a damper on the attendance, and we fell very short of breaking the national record, but a new record was set for the state of Colorado with around 200 womenRead More →

I took a ton of pictures this week, but haven’t had time to edit more than a handful yet. First is my choice for Best Shot Monday, and then a few more pics from this weekend’s birthday festivities (Ava turned 3) follow. I love this first one because it is Ava just being Ava – playing in the backyard with her stick “family” and just being a kid. Be sure to click over to Picture This to see everyone else’s choices for Best Shot Monday.Read More →