Ava was trying to tell me about something the other day in the car. I couldn’t figure out what one of the words was that she was saying, so I kept guessing – incorrectly. After repeating herself about 8 times and me incorrectly guessing 8 times she said exasperated, “Mom, you are driving me crazy.” Ha! Just you wait sweet girl. ;) ————————————————————————————————– Julian’s first tooth came through on Tuesday (6/12/07). I never even knew he was teething. Guess that’s a good thing unless it means I was too busy to notice. Seriously though, he’s been a nonstop drooling machine for months (his nickname aroundRead More →

“Who are you and what did you do with my wife?” was the question posed to me by Jody after I told him that Ava was the first child dropped off at the farm summer camp this morning. You read that right – the FIRST child dropped off. Me, amygeekgrl, who is notoriously late (see my 8 things post), somehow managed to get to the farm this morning BEFORE any other parents. And we (Ava, Julian and I) were all dressed and even presentable. Ava had her lunch AND her ziploc bag full of table scraps to make pig slop! I even had my cameraRead More →

This is my first time participating in the monthly Carnival of Breastfeeding, where this month’s theme, in honor of Father’s Day, is “Dads and Breastfeeding.” Welcome! :) When you hear the term “lactivist,” what kind of person comes to mind? How about a nearly 6 feet tall, 220 lb. dude with a shaved head? That dude would be my husband, Jody, and yes, he is a lactivist. Jody has been supportive of my breastfeeding our children even before our first child, Ava was born. He attended a two-week breastfeeding class with me that concluded just days before her birth. Once she arrived, he was veryRead More →

I realized Sunday night that I didn’t really use my SLR at all this week, except for a couple pictures I took of Ava on her first day of summer camp which I already shared. All the other pics I took of the kids this week were with the point and shoot and they were all pretty snapshot-ish, nothing that felt worthy of sharing for Best Shot Monday aka BSM. So I pulled out the SLR, cranked up the ISO to 1600 (gulp) and looked around my house for some things to shoot. I decided to go with an elephant placard that my in-laws madeRead More →

I’ve fallen in love with a recipe for vegan oat-nut scones out of my The Vegetarian Mother’s Cookbook. I’m not currently vegetarian and I’ve never been vegan, but these are some kick ass scones. I seem to make them about once a week lately. They are fast and super easy. Ava loves to help make them, as well as gobble them up. I’m sharing the recipe (and a pic to boot!), so everybody can get sconed. ;) Oat-Nut Scones These vegan treats take just seconds to whip up. For breakfast or tea, try them with fruit-sweetened jam. They’re also delicious with soup or salad. 2Read More →

Last night we had to say goodbye to the best rattle ever, when Aunt Carrie accidentally stepped on it, causing it’s demise. The little yellow plastic telephone rattle was over 30 years old. It was mine as a baby, then my brother’s, then my sister’s. My mom saved it and gave it to me for Ava when she was born. Ava loved that rattle and so did Julian. It was the perfect size for little hands and little mouths. Exhibit A – Baby Ava enjoying the rattle: I looked through all of my pictures of Julian today and was bummed to discover what I suspectedRead More →