Ava’s first day

Today was Ava’s first day attending a summer program at a local farm. Dropping her off went off with out a hitch. She kissed me goodbye and promptly was engaged in a craft (making a bracelet out of seeds). I snapped a few pictures, then decided it was time to let my girl stretch her wings.

As Julian and I headed back to the car, I got a little teary-eyed, but knew she’d be ok. Julian and I headed to Vitamin Cottage where he got to ride in a cart for the first time. He was so cute holding on. I should’ve taken a pic. He’s usually in the Ergo and Ava’s in the cart when we go shopping, so this was a treat.

After hanging out at home with Julian who refused to sleep until it was almost time to go pick Ava up (so much for getting anything done around the house today), we headed back to the farm to collect her.

She had a great time and really seemed to have latched on to one of the young girls (she’s about 12 I’d guess) who is helping out with the program. When I came to pick her up, I found her reclining in a rope hammock with the girl and another helper, happily hanging out with the big kids. ;) I know she had a great time, because as soon as she saw me she said, “I don’t want to be picked up,” and promptly walked away from me. Can’t ya just feel the love? ;)

Since I had left Julian napping in the car, unfortunately I didn’t have time to play with her there. We agreed to two pushes on a tire horse swing, then she willingly came with me to the car. Though I do admit I bribed her a bit with some grapes I’d just bought at Vitamin Cottage. The kid loves grapes.

She first said she wasn’t going to tell me what she did all morning, but eventually spilled the beans about petting cows, seeing horses, feeding goats (or maybe sheep), playing in the big sandbox, singing songs, painting with water, and playing with playdoh. I was happy to find that she ate some of her lunch too, though she was still pretty hungry and ate more of it when we got home.

She gets to do it all over again next week, and I’m sure she’ll be counting down the days. :)

Here are a few snapshots.

1) Getting ready to leave. 2) At the farm and ready to go sign in. 3) With her “blue bird” name tag on. 4) Hanging out at the end of the morning. (I’m quite sure she was smiling in the hammock until I arrived and she knew it was time to go home!)

1) Ready to go - 6/5/07 2) Ava’s first day at the farm 3) Ava with her blue bird name tag 4) Not ready to leave

Busy as a bee

I’ve been busy as a bee these past few days, as well as fighting a cold or allergies (I can’t determine which so I’m not currently pumping for the milk bank), and thus not spending much time on the computer.

This weekend we saw a few houses and fell in love with a different one. ;) It’s actually in MUCH better shape than our last home love affair, and cheaper. However, we’re not going to act on anything until our house is at least on the market. That’s our big priority now.

We also attended a birthday party, and I started cleaning out our basement. I took a bunch of cardboard to the recycling center and got some of our boxes out of storage in hopes of boxing up some of our stuff soon.
Today, our upstairs shower was gutted, uncovering a bunch of mold. :( I sprayed it with bleach to kill it and it’s airing out for the night. The tilers will return tomorrow to put up the drywall and tile and we’ll have a nice new (hole-less) shower again. Woohoo!

Also today I called around for prices on storage units and am trying to find a new dentist that doesn’t use amalgam fillings. (More on that later.) And I used “Liquid Gold” on some of our woodwork and was AMAZED at how well it cleans it up. That stuff is awesome.

Tomorrow is Ava’s first day of “preschool” at a local farm, though it’s actually more like a summer enrichment program. In any event, it’s her first venture into any sort of organized child care. We bought her a lunch box this weekend and she’s quite excited to go. It will be hard to leave my girl to someone else’s care tomorrow, but I know it will be good for both of us. I’m excited for her and know she’s going to have a great time. I only wish I could spend one morning a week hanging out on a farm as well. ;)

I’m off to go pack her lunch now and get myself to bed.  Cheers.

8 things about me

I’ve been tagged by Tanya at The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog to tell you 8 things you don’t know about me, so here goes.

1. I spent the first 18 years of my life living in two different houses on the same street. When I was about 12 years old, my family moved from a ranch on one side of our street to a two-story house on the other side of the street. I’m not even sure we needed a moving van since everything just had to go across the street.

2. I was pre-engaged once (and even had a small diamond ring to prove it) to my first serious boyfriend. We were together for 3 1/2 years – from when I was 17 to 21. It didn’t last, and I ended up pawning the ring to buy a ring for my next boyfriend (which also didn’t last). I should’ve just kept the darn thing.

3. I took Polish dancing lessons when I was growing up. And I was darn good. :) Ask my sister. She’ll tell ya.

4. I was a Girl Scout through my senior year in high school.

5. Even though I was a Girl Scout for all of those years, to this day I’m not fond of tent camping. (Much to Jody’s dismay.)

6. During my sophomore year in college, I took court reporting classes. It seemed like relatively easy work that I could do from home (the transcribing part, not the recording part which takes place in court), and made good money. After a semester and a half, I decided that was NOT the career path for me, and it wasn’t as easy as it looked. You gotta be damn fast to be good in that business.

7. I have a horrible habit of being late. I’m sure I will be late to my own funeral.

8. I’ve always secretly wanted to be goth (or at least dress that way).

I’m tagging Heather G., Mama Saga and Melody. :) But if you aren’t Heather G., Mama Saga or Melody and haven’t done this meme yet and feel the urge, do it! Then let me know that you did so I can read more about you. :)