BSM – 7/16/07

BSM – 7/16/07

I skipped out on last week’s Best Shot Monday, but I’m back in it again this week. Of course, it seems like I was too busy (with the API auction, among other things) to crack out my SLR this past week and only took a few snapshots with my P&S. However, I still have something to share from my SLR – a picture that Jody (my husband) took. And I’m even in it (well, a bit of me is)!

As some of you know, I’ve been running a photo contest on my blog to help promote the upcoming World Breastfeeding Week (Aug. 1-7). I’ve received something like 36 entries, which is awesome. :) But it made me realize that, while I have a handful of pictures of me nursing Ava when she was younger and I have a handful of me nursing Julian, I don’t have any of them nursing together at the same time. This is because I really prefer NOT to nurse them together unless absolutely necessary. And when I say absolutely necessary, I mean because Jody is out of town and I’m putting Ava to bed (which is the only time she nurses) and, if Julian isn’t sleeping, I need something to occupy him and keep him safe. So I nurse them both. Obviously when that happens it’s in the dark and there’s nobody around to snap pictures.

Today, however, I decided I want a few pictures of them nursing together – for posterity and all that. So I got the camera out, set the custom white balance, set it to aperture priority mode, gave Jody a few pointers, and let the kids nurse while he snapped away.

A little editing here, a little cropping there, and this is now one of my favorites from the batch.

A&J tandem nursing 7/15/07

This is one picture I know I will be happy to have years from now. :)

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  1. That certainly takes talent! Nice capture by your hubby and one that you will definitely treasure years from now.

  2. I’m very pro-breastfeeding myself (but now my kids are 11 and 8!), but I never had my two breastfeed at the same time. My first stopped at 17 months, way before little sis was born. But the woman who inspired me most was a mom of twins who breastfed her two exclusively until they were at least 6 months. It was amazing.

    Nice shot!! a treasure for you.

  3. this is really lovely.thanks for sharing. tandem nursing rocks!

  4. That is an absolutely gorgeous picture. Good job to all 4 of you ;)

  5. Extremely cute! Thank you!

  6. What a touching photo! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Awwwww! What a great moment, and a great picture capturing it!

  8. How darling. Hubby did good.

    What a great contest you’ve got going. With 3 via adoption and my oldest having too many problems as an infant to nurse, I missed breastfeeding.

  9. What a precious picture to be cherished forever! I really regret that I don’t have any pictures of my daughter nursing…She self-weaned at 15 months and there are times I really miss it.

  10. Totally beautiful and stunning and reminds me what an AMAZING mama you are! :)

  11. That is a beautiful shot. You are obviously a very dedicated mom. One at a time for me has been wonderful and demanding…I can’t imagine. Lucky children!!!

  12. That’s a lovely shot and will have great memory value for you :)

  13. OMG how the heck do you manage the time/energy to nurse TWO ? LOL

    WTG mama!

  14. What a wonderful picture, im tandem feeding my girls and often think i should get a picture of them both feeding – though as you say i rarely feed them both together anymore, i feed them both at the same time for the first few months and it was wonderful .

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