Tiny tub for two

bubble bath

The other night I tried to sneak away from Jody and the kids for a nice relaxing bubble bath. I didn’t fill anyone in on my plans, just quietly left the room and went to fill the tub, hoping they wouldn’t notice I was gone.

Our bathroom has two doors – one from the hallway (which has a lock) and one from our bedroom (which does not have a lock). I filled the tub while pouring in some Juniper Breeze bath bubbles, and locked the hallway door, trying to pro-actively deter a potentially curious preschooler.

Just as I stepped into the water, I heard curious preschooler, AKA Ava, trying to open the hallway door. Foiled! I then heard her run to the bedroom to try the other door. Hmmph. Guess she wouldn’t be as easily deterred as I’d hoped. I quickly pulled the shower curtain closed hoping maybe, just maybe, she wouldn’t realize I was hiding behind it. Ha! Who am I kidding?

She opened the door, threw open the shower curtain, and saw the bubbles in the tub. Her face lit up and she immediately asked, with a huge smile on her face, “Can I get in?!” *Sigh* I tried to explain that Mommy wanted to take a relaxing bath ALONE, but she was so enthralled with the bubbles, I could see there would be no putting her off. I let her get in the tub with me.

Our tub, which is already too small for my liking when I’m in it alone, felt even more cramped with the two of us occupying every square inch.

I hadn’t yet given up the idea of getting a little relaxation time in, so I tried my best to recline while Ava played in the water at my feet. After a few minutes, Ava asked me why I had wanted to take a bath alone. I wanted to shout, “Isn’t it obvious?!” but I restrained myself like a good mommy (at least this time) and instead simply said, “because I wanted to relax.” She said, “You can’t relax now.” Which, of course, begged the question, “Why not?” Without missing a beat she replied, “because I’m in here!”

Indeed, Ava. Indeed. ;)

Sickies update

I wrote last week about the sickies overtaking our house. Julian and I both had (and still have, unfortunately) some nasty colds.

On Sunday night/early Monday morning, Julian’s junky cough started sounding like a barky seal (AKA croupy) cough and I began to get worried. Ava had a severe case of croup when she was just 13 months old and we ended up with a visit to the ER and a two-day hospital stay. I did NOT want to go down that road with Julian.

The wee hours of Monday morning dragged on as I stayed up with him, sitting in the steamy bathroom (to help the cough) and refreshing my memory a la AskDrSears.com on what to do if your child has croup.

We went to bed for a couple hours before Ava woke up. As I got out of bed I debated whether or not to call Julian’s doctor for an appointment. However, after I reread my blog post about Ava’s croup experience, specifically the comment that “I’d hate to see a baby any younger than Ava get it. It was hard enough with her, but I can’t imagine with a really little one” I hesitated no longer and made that call. We had to rush like mad (myself unshowered, Ava’s hair uncombed, Julian barely in clothes) to make the only appointment they had available for the day. We might not have looked so hot, but we got there in time. ;)

Based on my description, the doctor said it sounded like it could be croup and, understanding my desire to stay away from the ER this time around, wrote me a prescription for an oral steroid to give him if and only if he got croupy again that night. I felt a great deal of relief knowing we had some recourse and didn’t have to sit idly by waiting for him to struggle to breathe before we could do anything.

Thankfully, he never did get croupy again, so the prescription is sitting here untouched. I am sure that had we not gone to the doctor, he would’ve needed the meds, so I’m glad we got them just in case. Just knowing they were there made me feel better. And the other good news is he’s getting a bit better each day.

I, on the other hand, seem to do OK during the day and think I’m on the mend, yet every night I’m hit with a super sore throat, congestion and lots of phlegm. I’m also having headaches more often than usual. I am hoping to turn a corner soon so I can get back to good health. It’s hard to take care of a family when you want to crawl under a rock. Part of the reason I haven’t had any blog entries of much substance lately (other than the breastfeeding carnival post, but I wrote that weeks in advance) is because I feel like crap and am tired.

Yesterday Ava came down with a fever of 102 herself and wasn’t feeling well. She’s still not back to normal today (and is eating very little), but the fever passed. Not sure what that bug was.

I’ve heard there are a lot of strange viruses going around this summer. One friend had to take her daughter to urgent care for croup. Another friend had to take her son in for a high fever that wouldn’t break after four days. Jody’s coworker’s daughter had croup too. If there are a larger number of viruses going around this year, I have to wonder why. (But that is another blog entry for another day.) ;)

I’m going to try to head to bed early tonight and hope that I can finally get over this crud. Thanks for all the healthy thoughts/vibes you’ve been sending this week. Keep ’em coming.


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Wordless Wednesday – 7/25/07

I’ve decided to start posting on Wordless Wednesday. I figure it will give me a chance to post some pics (of the kids and anything else my lil heart desires), but not have to worry so much about the technical merit of the photos (like I do for Best Shot Monday). AKA I can just throw together a pic or two from my point & shoot and call it good. Easy, peasy. :)

Methinks that’s too many words for a Wordless Wednesday post. ;)

Julian takes on the stairs 7/15/07 Ava slingin’ her baby 7/12/07

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Bloggy giveaway fun of epic proportion

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baby photo album

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Love and prayers for Parker – prize giveaway

Love for Parker

Melody, a very sweet blogging friend of mine and fellow photographer, has organized a fund-raiser for a chronically-ill little boy named Parker.

For a minimum donation of $2, you will be entered into a drawing to win some wonderful prizes including a digital camera, printer and accessories package; custom blog designs; jewelry; books and more.Please take a moment to read about Parker and then give him some love. The fund-raiser will run through July 27. Prize winners will be announced by July 31.

This little boy has already been through a lot, and his family recently received some more not-so-good news. Prayers and positive thoughts are also requested for Parker.

Thank you! :)

“The things they say” – breastfeeding carnival

tandem nursing 7/15/07

The topic of the July Carnival of Breastfeeding is “The things they say.” This refers to the funny, strange, uninformed, and otherwise interesting things that people (including our own kids) have said to us about breastfeeding. :)


A few months before Ava was born, my mom – who breast-fed all three of her children – asked me if I was going to start rubbing a towel on my nipples to toughen them up in preparation for breastfeeding. Yikes! I hadn’t thought of doing that! Is that the kind of advice they gave out in the ’70s? I’m glad I was taking a breastfeeding class at the time. The instructor clarified for me that there is no reason to toughen up your nipples. You might be sore while first learning to breastfeed, but if baby is latched on properly, it should not hurt.


My mother-in-law once told me she heard that breastfeeding women shouldn’t eat chocolate. *GASP* Thank God that’s not true (at least it wasn’t for me)! I think that would be harder on me than rubbing a towel on my nipples!


I believe I’ve written before about some of the things Ava has said about nursing (in her now 3 years of nursing), but here are some more funnies that come to mind. :)

When she was between 2 and 2 1/2 I asked her what my milk tasted like and she replied, “strawberries.”

She recently has differentiated between my two breasts. The right one is “soft” and the left one is “squishy.” I guess it could be worse. ;)

The other day I decided to “interview” her a bit to get a 3-year-old’s perspective on nursing.

Me: Do you like mama milk?
Ava: Yeah.
Me: Why?
Ava: Cuz it’s good for me to grow bigger.

Me: Do you like the way it tastes?
Ava: Yes.
Me: What does it taste like?
Ava: Tart (?) and yummy.

Me: How old will you be when you stop having mama milk?
Ava: I don’t know. Three? What?! I’m already 3!

Me: Do you think all kids should have mama milk?
Ava: Yeah.
Me: Why?
Ava: Because it’s good.

‘Nuf said. ;)

*After realizing I didn’t have any pictures of myself tandem nursing the kids (since it’s very rare that they both nurse at the same time), I asked Jody to take some. This photo was taken on July 15, 2007.

A reminder…If you missed the announcement of the winners of my World Breastfeeding Week photo contest, please take a look here. I’m still waiting to hear back from the 1st and 3rd place winners to claim their prizes.


Here are more great (and downright hilarious) stories about “the things they say” below. :)