Several weeks ago, I was looking through a copy of The Compleat Mother. (I’d surprisingly never read the magazine before, but a childbirth educator friend of mine shared a copy with me because she’d had an article printed in it. Great magazine!) Anyway, Ava started looking at it with me and we came upon a cartoon of sorts – see below – with the message “JUST SAY NO.” Ava: “What is that?” Me: “A woman having her baby in a hospital ‘bed.’” Ava: “Why?” Me: (thinking to myself – Good question!) “Because some doctors want women to be in that position to have their babies.”Read More →

I’m feeling rather disgusted with our insurance company (CIGNA) lately. First of all, I’ve been trying to get them to acknowledge a claim (just acknowledge it, not even pay it) for Julian’s home birth since, hmmm, let’s see, probably January 2007. So, what’s that, like 8 months now? Every time I call they say it’s in “pending status” and they need something else – one more code, one more form, one more dotted i. I’ve mailed or faxed them everything they’ve requested and when I called today for my monthly status check, I was told it was still not in the system. The good newsRead More →

The Face Behind the Blog and Throwback Thursday all in one! Elizabeth at The Whole Family tagged me last week for The Face Behind the Blog, so here’s a look at me over the years – AKA more pictures of Amy than you could ever possibly care to see. ;) In other words, I don’t think anyone is required to post this many pics, I just got a little pic-postin’ happy. Scroll to the end to see if I tagged YOU! 10 months old and ready to go (1976): Exhibiting early dorky tendencies at age 8 (1983): Nine years old and all dressed up withRead More →

My blog will soon be getting a makeover! I’m having my blog custom designed by Heather of Girly Blog Designz (woot! I’m so excited!). However, I need help coming up with a catchy slogan for it. I’m shortening my title to just “Crunchy Domestic Goddess” (losing the “Musings of a” part), and want something catchy to follow that. The two things I’ve thought of so far are: – Passionately parenting and photographing since 2004 – mother. photographer. activist. What do you think? Do you like either of those? Do you have any ideas for me? What words come to mind when you think of myRead More →

When Ava was around 10 months old, we enrolled in Ava enjoyed the classes (she was 11 months old in that pic) and it would’ve been nice to continue with them through the years, but our finances wouldn’t allow it. Now that Julian is around that age (well, he’s 9 months), I thought it would be cool for him to have that same experience and for Ava to have a bit of a refresher. She still loves music and being around others, so I figured she would enjoy it as well. Our finances aren’t any better at this point (especially since we have the preschoolRead More →