We interrupt the World Breastfeeding Week celebration here at Crunchy Domestic Goddess for this important announcement… I found out today that I’m the winner of the Skimbaco shoe contest over at Mod*Mom! Yay! I’m a weiner winner! These are the shoes I chose for Miss Ava. Aren’t they cute?! I was going to go with some of the tennis shoes, but we recently bought her a new pair, so she gets adorable Mary Janes instead. :) Skimbaco has tons of cute clothes and shoes for babies, boys and girls, and they are based in CO too! Since we’re on the topic of contests (it isRead More →

To continue with the World Breastfeeding Week theme and celebration, today I’m sharing three videos that all have to do with breastfeeding. The first is about the history of La Leche League which was founded in 1956 by seven suburban Chicago women. It’s a great video and very interesting to learn about LLL’s roots (and somewhat disturbing to learn about the advice doctors were giving at the time – some things never change). I’m so thankful these women got together and did what they did. In 1956, only 20% of babies were breast-fed at birth. In 2006, it was up to 71%. Let’s hope thatRead More →