Wordless Wednesday – 8/8/07 – Partners in crime

Wordless Wednesday – 8/8/07 – Partners in crime

Ava cracking Julian up 7/31/07  Out for a stroll with mommy and daddy - 7/31/07  Caged animals - 8/3/07

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  1. Author

    I know it’s only Tuesday, but everyone else seems to be posting early, so I’m jumping on the bandwagon. I’m sick of waiting til Wednesday and being one of the last to post. ;)

  2. Love the pictures. Remindes me of my two muchkins. I’m laughing at your post about WW. I post early so I have time to visit others and realized WW web site gets mister linky going mid day Tues. Great though for my “friends” over seas..Wed for them! Thanks for the little laugh too!

  3. What cute little ones!
    Great Pictures!
    Happy WW!

  4. It looks like they have tons of fun together!

    My WW is up, too. :)

  5. I love the expressions you’ve captured in these shots: pure joy on Julian in the first, and pure mischief on Ava’s in the third.

  6. Oh, you can just tell they have so much fun together!! Love these photos!

    Happy WW!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  7. That title is appropriate in many situations. They are just adorable.

  8. Too, too cute! What beautiful little monkeys they are!

  9. Great pictures! They look like my little ones trying to get over the hallway gate!

  10. OMG they are just too cute!! It looks like they are getting along just great!! That is wonderful!! WOW look at Julian getting around. What a big boy!!

  11. Makes me wish I had a sibling… ow, wait I have two kids…. Some times they play nice, and look out other times… Happy ww

  12. Oh, those pictures are adorable! Looks like they are having fun together and that is so fun to watch.

  13. oh your girls are so cute together, I wish my girls got along this well.

  14. What a duo those two are! I love the one in the stroller.

    I’m thinking I should start posting early, too!

  15. They do look so cute together! Love their smiles.

    Happy WW!

  16. they are so cute. I love it when siblings are close.
    happy ww!!

  17. My two little, precious grandkids are awfully cute. Good pictures, Amy. Thanks for sharing.

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