3 boys – a guessing game!

3 boys – a guessing game!

What two things do the three boys in this picture have in common? No, they aren’t related. And yes, that’s Julian in the back in the orange, white and blue and Ava is standing next to him, but she doesn’t have these things in common with the boys. (If you know me in real life and know the answer to this question, please don’t post a response. Thanks!)

3 boys and Ava

The answer will be revealed on Tuesday, Aug. 21. :) Happy guessing.


  1. They are all intact?

  2. hmmm… do they all have the same name? :) i was also thinking maybe they are all lucky mama fed boys!!!!!

  3. Ummm…they’re all cute? They’re all the same age? They’re all exclusively breastfed? :o)

  4. breastfeed, on cloth diaper sharing a bday!

  5. I think they were all born at home and their mums blog.

  6. Author

    this is so fun. i’m loving all of the guesses! keep ’em coming. :)

  7. I’m going to say they are all breastfed babes OR they are all teething right now. ;)

  8. Or…um, since they are boys, I’m going to say they are all “in tact”. Sorry that one came to me as I was posting. :)

  9. I think they were all born on the same day!

  10. They all have the same middle name?

    What a cute contest and 3 cute kiddos (of course Ava is a doll too!). :)

  11. hmmmm… I’m going to guess all born at home and breastfed…

  12. I’m going to guess Homebirthed/ water birthed, breastfed and intact!

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