Best Shot Monday – 8/20/07

Best Shot Monday – 8/20/07

Ava’s been enjoying one morning a week of summer camp at a local farm for the past three months. Last Tuesday was her last day. Parents were invited to come early to watch the kids wear their newly-created “memory” hats (to help them remember what they learned at the farm all summer) and sing some of the songs they learned like “Hermie the Worm” and “Baa baa black sheep.” Jody worked from home that morning so we could all go. It was pretty cute. :)

Here’s Ava waiting for the singing to start, before she ditched her hat. (I couldn’t decide between the color and the b/w, so I’m sharing them both.)

Ava’s last day at farm summer camp 8/14/07 Ava’s last day at farm summer camp (b&w) 8/14/07

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  1. So very cute!! What a cool hat. Ava looks like she really enjoyed herself this Summer!! What memories she must have! Glad you to be a part of the end of Summer celebration! I like the color version. So sweet!

  2. She’s adorable! I favor the b&w version, myself. Sounds like she really enjoyed herself this summer. :)

  3. What a cute farm girl our little Ava is! I know she learned a lot this summer at the farm and it was a great place for her to begin her education outside of the home. It was indeed a special place-I loved it,too. Good going, Amy.

  4. How fun is farm camp. I couldn’t get my 6 yo to go to camp this summer. I LOVE the bw the best. So sharp and beautiful.

  5. I love the b&w, as it seems to put all of the focus on her bright, adorable face. Great shot.

  6. That’s a great capture: I love the hat!

  7. That is a great picture! I like the bw the best. She looks like she’s having a blast and I LOVE the hat!

  8. I have a hard time deciding, too, but I think my preference is the black and white.

    Love the idea of a memory hat! Will Ava do any preschool programs this fall? Will is very excited for his new nursery school program.

  9. That hat is classic! I think I like the bw as well.

  10. They both look fantastic! Reminds me of the Paperbag princess! Have you read that one?

  11. Oh how adorable! That is one cute hat, and one cute girl. I think I prefer the b&w…but the color is great, too!

  12. Such a cute photo. Love the hat – did she make it?

  13. Author

    thank you all. :)

    anna – yes, she’s going to be doing a 2 day preschool program this fall. i’m sure i’ll be blogging about it. :)

    mandy – i haven’t heard of that book. will have to see if the library has it. thx!

    erinne – yes, she made the hat out of a paper grocery bag that day at the farm. :) all the kids had them. it was pretty cute!

  14. omg so cute — that hat is awesome. i like the b&w myself but both are great.

  15. Absolutely precious little girl you have there! I love seeing the details of the hat in color, but the b&w seems to better highlight Ava.

    BTW love Hermie the Worm. :)

  16. I love the black and white pic. She is so adorable and i love the hat!!!

  17. That hat and her expression just crack me up!!

  18. Thought I liked the colour best but was swayed by Melody and have to agree that the b/w makes her glow. Wild hats :-) Oh and the PaperBag Princess is cool!!

  19. Oh, that anonymous was me!! I forgot to fill in the boxes!! Must go to bed. *sigh*

  20. I’ve had many first of leaving babies…and ugh..I hate it! Zachary still won’t stay with anyone and he’s almost 2. IT has nothing to do with Breastfeeding either. He just wants his mom and dad!

  21. She is such a sweetie. I love the B&W.

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