Wordless Wednesday – 8/22/07 – Moby lovin’

Wordless Wednesday – 8/22/07 – Moby lovin’

Our free endorsement for the Moby Wrap. If only we were gettin’ paid. ;)

Mommy with Julian in the Moby Aug. 2007

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  1. Awesome picture! I love ole photograghs.

    Happy WW!

  2. Cute photo! Such a happy baby! Happy WW!

  3. Great photo! I’m a firm believer in baby-wearing. They really oughtta be payin’ you for this!

  4. great shot. I love the Moby Wrap!looks so comfy!

  5. Great shot! I like the B&W and the blurry effect on the background.

    Cute Mommy and Baby too… ;-)

    Happy WW!

  6. I LOVE my wrap. It’s a Maya.. but pretty much the same thing. It is the only wrap DD will let me carry her in.

    You guys look great. You’re right you should get some kick back for the free advertising. :)

  7. You both look so happy!
    I have a great shot of my husband wearing a wrap and our first, now I am not sure he would :) (He uses the more manly baby wearing devices!)

  8. you looks so happy. they should give you a kickback:-)

  9. That’s one tall baby in the Moby!
    I stopped wearing ours pretty early on, but maybe I just didn’t have it tight enough.
    I am hoping for a fall baby next time so I can get more use of of the WARM wrap. :)

    Happy WW!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Moby! Cole loved it too, when he hated every other carrier, and I have a picture a lot like yours- happy mama and happy baby in the Moby! :-)

  11. Ohhh, I loved my Moby Wrap. My daughter practically lived in it for her first year. I am such a pusher of the Moby that I was told I should demand compensation from them as well. Great picture.

  12. Love the pic! I’m a fan pf the wrap, too. It’s days are fewer than before, though-we’re getting a Mei Tai. :)

  13. Love the b&w photo. How extremely happy he is! And how big he is getting…giving you a wearing workout these days, isn’t he?

  14. I love the pix! How are these babywearing items on the back? I really want to use them for my upcoming baby, but have minor back problems. Any thoughts? Thanks

  15. that’d be one great ad for Moby wraps – everyone would want one seeing that happy boy!! I loved the idea of baby wearing, but Nadia was did NOT love it.

  16. Oohh how awesome!! I have a couple of slings at home and have heard of the Moby… but never checked it out for myself. After seeing your photo, I may have to get one!!

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