Now that’s crappy

Now that’s crappy

Two weekends ago, Jody took Ava out to run errands in the morning like they do every Saturday. They had a productive time out, but upon arriving back home Jody confessed, “I’m a crappy dad. I forgot to get Ava lunch.” Oops. She was indeed a bit hungry so we got her fed and all was well.

Fast forward to three days later. I was running late with getting Ava to her last morning of summer camp at the farm. (Jody worked from home that morning so in having him around to help out, I didn’t stay on task like I usually do when I’m doing it alone, and fell woefully behind schedule.) As we were driving there, I explained to her that she would be getting there a little bit late and apologized that I didn’t have my stuff together on time that morning. She replied matter of factly, “You’re a crappy mom.” D’oh!

I kind of figured she’d eventually pick up the only real swear word we use around here on a regular basis. I just didn’t think it would be used quite like that. :oP Thanks, crappy dad.


  1. Oh my goodness hehe… I did have to laugh a little. Kids say the darndest things and pick up what we don’t want them to pick up LOL.

  2. LOL!! In Jody’s defense, I’ve forgotten to feed the kids too. Once we were at a restaurant at 11am and S was coming unglued and it finally dawned on me….he hadn’t eaten yet. D’Oh! In my defense we have lots of food around, available to him – I failed to ask him if he’d eaten or if he wanted something else.

    But back to the point of the post. That’s hilarious!! Whenever S comes up with a gem like that T looks at me….and I swear it’s not always my fault!

  3. LOL….that is just too funny! I guess I’m a crappy mom too, as we were running late this morning ourselves. :o)

  4. LOL! Yes, I have noticed the kids picking up our language more and more, too. We (I) really need to watch what we say going forward. ;)

  5. Ohh that’s rich! It’s nice to hear it from those sweet little mouths isn’t it? We’ve had to break Joshua of saying “dang” which he got from me. :) But at least it never accompanies an insult!

  6. If only that were the worst thing my children repeated I wouldn’t be such a crappy mother!!!

  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing! From one “crappy” mom to another! =)

  8. It’s amazing when they really nail the concept of a word – and use it as a total zinger!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  9. You must be commended on raising such a brilliant child!!… I can just visualize the whole scene!! How did you keep from laughing out loud!!??

    Sharon – Pinks & Blues

  10. Yup. All it takes is one slip of the tongue and Look Out!

    But she sounds so cute I bet you were smiling ;-)

  11. hehehe it is so quick how they pick up the bad words!

  12. Oh my, that is hilarious!!!! And just for the record, you are anything BUT a crappy mama.

  13. Lol,
    I have a friend that when she was around 2 her and her Dad were in the truck and a men cut them off so the Dad say for “forF@#$ sake”

    later that after noon my friend was in the living room playing and her Mom and Dad reading then she drop her doll and said ” for fuss cake” that was the last time her Dad use that kind of laungage around her lol!

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