Wordless Wednesday – 8/29/07 – Spread your wings…

Wordless Wednesday – 8/29/07 – Spread your wings…

A bee on our butterfly bush 8/23/07

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    A busy bee on our butterfly bush in the backyard this week. :) Ava says they are making honey for us and thanks them. “Thank you for making honey for us, bees!” She’s so sweet. :)

  2. What a sweet thing to say! My dd says something similar to the sun at night. She says, “Good night sun! Thank you for a beautiful day!!” Children are such a bright spot in our day!! Happy WW!!

  3. Great shot…thank you for sharing.

    Happy WW.

  4. Amazing shot! how’d you get so close?

  5. With all the stink about bees dying off in Colorado, I love to see honey bees are alive and well in your garden (and mine!).

    Great photo :)

  6. our honey bee’s have dissapeared a bit…no pretty flowers to eats and our clover are dead so i suppose they left town. lol

    beautiful shot!

  7. Aw, Ava is such a sweetie! Amazing capture…what perfect timing! Love the DOF.

  8. Wow that is such a great photo! I wish my camera could take pictures like that…

  9. Honey in the making? I sure love honey.

  10. Soon the bees will be disappearing as the flowers die off. It will be nice to have pictures like this through the fall and winter. Happy WW

  11. I love the colors and everything about it!

  12. Great insect shot – I’ve been seeing insects, spiders and such this round of WW.

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