Best Shots Monday – 8/27/07

I started off this impromptu photoshoot with Ava trying to get some good pictures of her new Livie & Luca shoes which she won through a contest Katja from Skimbaco was sponsoring. I’m happy to say not only did I get a few good pictures of the shoes, I also captured some beautiful pictures of Ava that I intend to use for her 3-year-pics since I hadn’t had a chance to take any yet. (She’s 3 yrs, 2 months now.)

Here’s my choice for my “Best Shot Monday” and then a few others from the session that I liked below:

Ava - 3 yrs, 2 months old - Aug. 23, 2007

Ava - 3 yrs old - 8/23/07 Ava - 3 yrs old - 8/23/07

Ava - 3 yrs, 2 months old - Aug. 23, 2007 Ava - 3 yrs old - 8/23/07 Ava - 3 yrs old - 8/23/07
And now for the shoes…
Ava showing off her Livie & Luca shoes from Skimbaco Livie & Luca shoes from Skimbaco Ava showing off her Livie & Luca shoes from Skimbaco

Ava’s shoes are called Livie’s Red Wings and are available at Skimbaco – a family-owned and operated business in Durango, CO. “Skimbaco’s mission is to promote the ecological and philanthropic ideology by helping people to find exceptional products that are not only fun and functional but also environmentally conscious. Our mission is to spread the sunshine – make people happy.” They succeeded in spreading the sunshine here. Ava and I both love her new shoes! They are easy for Ava to put on and off. The leather is super soft which makes them great for with socks/tights or without. The soles are flexible. And they are just plain cute! :) Thanks again, Katja.

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If you haven’t yet seen it, please take a minute to check out my latest giveaway.

Doll pouch/sling giveaway

It’s time for another giveaway!

Want to win this cute doll sling for your child? My mom made it for Ava, but it’s a little too snug (and she’s making her a new one), so I’d like to give this one away to another future attachment parenting (AP) daddy or mommy. :) It’s reversible – pink on one side, blue on the other (see below). I think it would fit most 2 and 3 year olds, but Ava is a pretty big girl (38 inches tall, 36 lbs.), so that’s why it’s snug on her. Ava loves the pouch and was so delighted to do some baby wearing of her own with a sling that’s her size! Thanks, mom!

Ava doll pouch Aug. 2007 Ava doll pouch 2 blue side of the pouch

If you’d like to win it, (1) sign Mr. Linky, (2) leave me a comment telling me why you’d like to win, and (3) link back to this post on your blog – you can use the button from my sidebar if you’d like, but it’s not required. (If you don’t have a blog, you can still enter, just be sure and tell a friend about the giveaway.) You must do all three steps to be eligible. The deadline to enter is 10 p.m. Mountain Time Friday, Aug. 31. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on Sept. 1. Thanks!

The two-hour preschool interview

Apparently you gotta interview to get into preschool these days. When I say you, I don’t mean the preschooler, I mean you – the parents. Yes, tomorrow afternoon Jody and I are scheduled for a two-hour interview with Ava’s preschool teacher – without Ava. Two hours! That’s longer than any job interview I’ve ever had.

We decided to enroll Ava in a two morning/week Waldorf-inspired in-home preschool for the fall. She craves the socialization and I think she is more than ready for it. We have a few friends who have children in this program and they just love it. We’ve visited with the teacher twice now and went to see a class in session and feel it’s a good match for us and Ava. It’s a mix of ages (2-5) and there are a maximum of six children in the “class.” I love the Waldorf emphasis on natural toys and imaginative play. I also like that it’s spiritual, but not based on any particular religion. Another plus is that it’s literally about 4 blocks from our house so easily within walking distance. :)

I’m not exactly sure what is in store for us with during the two hours tomorrow, but I do know it’s a chance for the teacher to learn more about Ava. I’m sure it will be a good thing, it just seems awfully long.

I must admit I’m a little nervous about the Waldorf stance on TV watching (Waldorf kindergartens and lower grades discourage exposure to media influences such as television, computers and recorded music, as they believe these to be harmful to cognitive development) since Ava does watch TV (PBS shows) pretty much every weekday. It’s the only way I’ve figured out to make sure she stays occupied while I put Julian down for his naps. I understand why they discourage it and, in a perfect world, I would too, but I think the phrase “everything in moderation” could apply here too. (shrug)

I guess we’ll see if mommy gets into trouble before Ava even has her first day. ;) Wish me luck.

You’re in (urine)

There must be something in the air. Something in the water. Something in the breastmilk.

I woke up to nurse Julian at 2 a.m. only to discover he had completely soaked through his diaper and pajamas. Ugh. (That, thankfully, hasn’t happened in months.)

Then this morning, I woke up to Ava telling me that she had peed in her pajamas and her bed was wet. Ugh again. (Thankfully again, this rarely happens.)

Lots of laundry in store for me today. Loads of fun. ;o)

Now that’s crappy

Two weekends ago, Jody took Ava out to run errands in the morning like they do every Saturday. They had a productive time out, but upon arriving back home Jody confessed, “I’m a crappy dad. I forgot to get Ava lunch.” Oops. She was indeed a bit hungry so we got her fed and all was well.

Fast forward to three days later. I was running late with getting Ava to her last morning of summer camp at the farm. (Jody worked from home that morning so in having him around to help out, I didn’t stay on task like I usually do when I’m doing it alone, and fell woefully behind schedule.) As we were driving there, I explained to her that she would be getting there a little bit late and apologized that I didn’t have my stuff together on time that morning. She replied matter of factly, “You’re a crappy mom.” D’oh!

I kind of figured she’d eventually pick up the only real swear word we use around here on a regular basis. I just didn’t think it would be used quite like that. :oP Thanks, crappy dad.