I’ll take “Things you don’t expect to see on a Walgreens’ sign” for $200, Alex

“Honey, can you run up to Walgreens and pick me up some Tylenol, a Snickers and, oh yeah, a breast pump?” Apparently, it could happen!

I had to do a double-take when we passed by Walgreens on our way up to Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend. I saw the word “breastfeeding” and I was like, “what? on a Walgreen’s sign?” I told Jody, who was driving and had his eyes on the road, that the sign said “Breastfeeding We Rent Breast Pumps” and he insisted we go back so I could take a picture. :)

Walgreens supports breastfeeding

I wonder if they had this up because of World Breastfeeding Week? Perhaps the owner is a bit of a lactivist. No matter, I was glad to see it. Way to go, Walgreens! :)

Shopping, hiking and good “clean” fun (with pics)

Looking for Best Shot Monday? It’s the post below. :)

It was a marvelous weekend around here and it started early. Jody took Friday off of work so I could have a day to do things for myself. Woohoo! I started the day by running an errand to the post office to mail off my contest winners’ items. Then I hit up Kohl’s for their awesome end of the season clearance. Since the prices were so low, I figured I would pick up some things for the kids for next summer.

For Ava, I got 3 shirts, 1 skort, 1 dress, 1 pair of shorts and a pair of capri pants, all in size 5. (She’s wearing size 4T this summer, so I figure 5 is a safe bet.) It was the first time I’ve shopped for her in the girls’ department rather than the infant/toddler section and it was quite different. I guess once you are a girl, you want to start dressing like a little hootchie-mama. Ugh. I’m so not ready for that with a 4-year-old (which she will be next year). I managed to find some respectable things though and felt like I did all right. It just took more time to weed through the hootchie clothes.

For Julian, I got a bathing suit, 3 shirts, 1 sleeveless romper, 2 pairs of footed pajamas, 1 shorts/shirt set, and 1 long-sleeved romper all in size 24 months. I was surprised to see tons of cute little girls’ stuff left on clearance, but not nearly as much little boys’ stuff.

As I was walking up to the cash register, I thought about my own wardrobe which consists largely of green shirts this year and I decided to briefly look for some things for me. I found 1 t-shirt (in pink – woot!) and a camouflage skort.

All in all, I bought 18 items and, with my extra 15% discount coupon, it came up to a grand total of $94! Gotta love the bargains at Kohl’s. :)

After my shopping spree, I headed home to nurse Julian, then set out later in the day to do some reading (in peace and quiet). I stopped at Starbucks for a Blueberries ‘n Cream Frappuccino and found out they are having a story time, as well as a craft free of charge there on Thursday, so we might try to go to that. After I had my cool beverage, I went to Border’s to hang out in a comfy chair and read. (More on what I’m currently reading another time.)

After about an hour, I picked up pizza for dinner and headed home.

It was a lovely, relatively kid-free day, and being away from them for a few hours made me appreciate them all the more. I think Jody should take the day off more often. :)

On Saturday, I packed a picnic lunch and we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park to do some hiking. We hiked to two lakes (Nymph and Dream). Ava rode in the backpack on Jody for part of the time and did a fair amount of hiking herself, and Julian rode in the Ergo on me the whole time.

Nymph Lake 8/11/07Daddy n the kids at Nymph Lake 8/11/07Ava & daddy hiking near Dream Lake 8/11/07Mama and Julian at Dream Lake 8/11/07
Ava having an apple 8/11/07Julian trying to have an apple 8/11/07Ava doing some bouldering 8/11/07Ava in the backpack on daddy 8/11/07

It was a beautiful day for hiking, and apart from not remembering how much elevation gain there was on that hike (which is all the harder when you are packing a kid – boy, was I getting winded!), it was a lot of fun. Ava really enjoyed hiking on her own and did well in the pack too. Julian started getting a little fussy at the second lake so we decided to call it a day and head back to the shuttle bus which took us to our car. Both kids conked out on the drive home, and I was close to doing so myself as well. ;)

On Sunday, I tackled some of the clutter I complained about over the weekend, specifically cleaning up my “office” area. I filled an entire Vitamin Cottage bag with paper and receipts to recycle! Why I’ve saved every single receipt from the grocery store (and every other place) for the past year or so is beyond me. I’ve developed a new system and it involves only saving receipts on things I might actually need to return – not groceries. (So smart, eh?)

I should’ve taken a before and after shot, because my desk looks sooo much better now. I feel better about it too. It was good to make a dent in the huge decluttering task I have before me.

It was nice to have a relaxing, fun and productive weekend all in one. :)

Best Shot Monday – 8/13/07

Just one pic this week, from Nymph Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. The lake is full of lily pads and flowers.

We drove up there for the afternoon on Saturday and did some hiking. It was a gorgeous day and was wonderful to spend some time in the great outdoors. :) (More pics from our adventure are here.)

Nymph Lake 8/11/07

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8 random things about amygeekgrl

Jen at One Mom’s World tagged me to tell you 8 random facts about myself. :) Since I have accumulated some new readers lately (hi, new readers!), I thought I’d share some things that the newbies might not yet know about me, in addition to some things that might be news to the old-timers as well (hi, old-timers!). ;)

1) I had a planned home birth with my son, Julian in Nov. 2006. He was 9 1/2 lbs.

2) I am quite reserved and shy in real life until I get to know someone pretty well.

3) I’m the oldest of three kids. I have a sister who lives here in CO, and an estranged brother who lives in MI.

4) I met my husband Jody on the Internet.

5) Jody and I had our pictures taken with the Stanley Cup while we lived in Oklahoma. See? (Yes, that’s what Jody looks like with hair!)
Amy & Jody with Lord Stanley’s Cup

6) I won a piece of the Berlin Wall in a contest I entered through my German class in high school.

7) I’m seriously overwhelmed and bothered by the amount of clutter in my house, but I’ve yet to do anything serious about it.

8) I’m allergic to cats, some pollen and mold.

I tried to dig up more pictures to go along with this (to make it a bit more interesting), but it just wasn’t happening. We had a long day of hiking up in Rocky Mountain National Park and I’m going to bed now. Zzzzzzzzz.

I’m tagging :
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I apologize if you’ve already done this meme. Just let me know by linking to your post so I can go learn more about you (or come up with 8 more random things). :)

A mother’s gift – the collage

“Breastfeeding is a mother’s gift to herself, her baby and the earth.” ~Pamela K. Wiggins

Love that quote.

So do you remember when I said I was making a collage of breastfeeding pictures to share in honor of World Breastfeeding Week? Well, it’s a little bit past the end of WBW, but I received 62 pictures (plus one of my own I added in) and I finally have it together! :)

Thank you all for sharing your beautiful, sweet, cute, inspiring, sometimes funny, but always wonderful breastfeeding pictures with me. :)

(Click the collage to see it larger.)

Breastfeeding collage

What were YOU doing at 10 a.m.?

Synchronized breastfeeding worldwide - me and Julian 8/8/07

On Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2007, at 10 a.m. in 24+ countries around the globe, mothers nursed their children to help set a new world record and participate in Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide.

We were just about to head out the door to attend a social with my midwives, but we took a few moments for mama’s milk and Ava (the budding photographer) snapped this picture. (Isn’t she getting good?) :)

Did you get a chance to breastfeed at 10 a.m. yesterday? Were you in your home or out with a group of other breastfeeding mamas? If you wrote about it on your blog, let me know and I’ll link back to you. If you didn’t blog about it, but did participate, I’d love to hear about that too. Just leave a comment. :)

Here are just some of the news stories about Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide making headlines from around the world:
Synchronized Breastfeeding Worldwide Kicks Off – New Zealand
Over 900 NZ mothers join breastfeeding record bid – New Zealand
Breastfeeding wave hits Putrajaya – Putrajaya
At a breastfeeding demonstration, 29 happy babies – near Boston
Seattle Moms go for Breastfeeding Record – Seattle
Roxas moms take shot at breastfeeding record – 261 moms in Roxas City, Philippines …

From the above article: “The synchronized breastfeeding worldwide last August 8 was a follow-up activity of the first Guinness World Record on Simultaneous in Multiple Sites in May this year.
Said activity, which was initiated by the Philippine Lactation Resource and Training Center, mobilized 16,000 mothers, as of the last count in more than 400 sites nationwide.”


Bloggers who wrote about it:
Half Pint Pixie – Ireland
When 2 became 3 – breast-fed in a group at her city hall in Moncton, New brunswick, Canada

Synchronized breastfeeding worldwide