By now I think most of the online mothering community has heard about the ridiculous, ignorant comments by Bill Maher and actions by Facebook regarding breastfeeding – making both of them look like real boobs. If you have been living under a rock and are in the dark on these issues, Suburban Oblivion did a good job of covering the Bill Maher story – equating breastfeeding to masturbation?? What is wrong with you, Bill?! – a couple weeks ago. Then there’s Facebook and MySpace’s idiocy of banning breastfeeding pictures because they are “obscene.” (However, a new social networking site still in beta called Cre8buzz, allowsRead More →

Updated: The winner was #11 – Cristy of two peas, no pod. I was going to wait to do this giveaway until next week, but I’m too excited and want to share it now. :) Halloween is right around the corner and to celebrate, I’m giving away one Halloween t-shirt from my store Cute As A Bug. The “li’l pumpkin” designs are actually ones I’ve had for a couple years now in my Attached at the Hip store, but I thought I’d move them over to Cute As A Bug where they’d fit in a little better. I also added a new “peek-a-boo!” design, asRead More →

World Vegetarian Day is being held on Oct. 1, which is also the kickoff of vegetarian awareness month. Some of you may know that I’m an on-again/off-again vegetarian. I’ve had a couple of vegetarian stints in my life. I haven’t eaten red meat for about 9 years, but I do currently eat poultry and fish on occasion. For the most part, I try to make a variety of vegetarian meals, but meat is sometimes a part of our diet. Wondering what the big deal is and why vegetarianism so important? Some of the Benefits of Vegetarianism are: • reducing the risk of major killers likeRead More →

The winner of the two reusable bags is #41 – Jill H.! Congratulations, Jill. Thanks to everyone for participating and thinking green. Remember you can still get your own bags from and save 20% with this coupon code – mth6cp (provided it is still good). Stay tuned – A new contest will be coming up next week! :) In the meantime, check out my contest page for other contests going on around the ‘net.Read More →

Lest any of you get the impression that because I am crunchy I do not indulge in crap that’s bad for me sweets, take a look below at what Jody bought for me last night. First, a little back story. As you know, I had a migraine on Tuesday, which lessened throughout the day, but was still present last night. Usually my drug sweet of choice is frozen chocolate chips (because we always have some), but since Jody had to run out to the store to pick up some new deodorant (because I somehow lost his – I was cleaning up and put it “away”Read More →

Wordless Wednesday is below. Interesting day today. Started with a migraine. Skipped Music Together class. Took an impromptu drive into the mountains. Saw some aspen turning yellow. Ava had to pee. Found a Porta-John at a trailhead. Somehow squeezed Ava, me and Julian into the Porta-John. Fun. Picked up Jody from work. Drove home. Jody bathed kids. I made dinner. New vegetarian recipe. Ate. Bedtime for kids. Full moon out. Going to try for take two. Then must sleep. (Future blogs will not be written this way. I’m in a mood.)Read More →